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    Hi all...

    Hi there, cloudy here too, Welcome to the lounge anyway though Steve
  2. Ah Dave, nice to meet you, hope you are enjoying your freedom now! I have to say, I learned a lot, although Friedmann, Robertson Walker kinda of stumped me. I can draw a lovely H-R diagram though. I'm studying for a geoscience degree, so most of my modules are more 'rock/climate' orientated, but astronomy and planetary science fit in quite well, we'll have to move off this rock sooner or later if we carry on the way we are. I'm doing it over three years, and that was the (extremely stressful) end of my second, so just one more year now. Hoping that eventually someone will pay me to do science Steve
  3. Wow, so many replies, thanks for the exam wishes my fingers are crossed 'till December. dwc: I just finished the Open Uni course S282 'astronomy' and have just started S283 'planetary science and the search for life'. 'Astronomy was really interesting, although the cosmology side is a little mind bending. Cantab the light pollution is shocking, but I have a car and friends in dark places! Brumtaffy I'm in Kings Heath, just near the Hare and Hounds, really not very far. Now.... if I could just get this stupid red dot to stay still, I would be a very happy man!
  4. Hi all, Been a member for a while, but not actually logged in since I signed up. Just finished an astronomy course, hopefully passed the exam yesterday, so now I reckon its time to get the telescope out and have a look at some of the things I learned about..
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