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  1. Both good images, don't think we can expect too much of mars this year. Always nice to see detail on Ganymede.. Well done. Martin
  2. A nice image with some good detail around the grs. Martin
  3. An astounding image.. Congratulations Martin
  4. Many thanks for all your kind comments. I acquired a few avi's of the Io transit but this last one was by far the best. The seeing got quite steady just before I had to pack up as Jupiter got lost over some trees.. Martin
  5. A very nice image. I have also found the seeing to be good lately the first hour or two after sunset. Martin
  6. That's a great image, lovely colour and detail. Martin
  7. Jupiter is getting very faint (gain on max) and my imaging window shorter and shorter. Forecast is not good for the next few days so this will probably be my last Jup image this season. Jupiter and Io with shadow 8" sct and Dbk21 osc camera. Thanks for looking Martin
  8. That's a very nice shot.. why is Ganymede so dark? Martin
  9. That's a lovely image with lots of detail. I am also imaging with the old dmk chip and its getting hard to get a good histogram without maxing out the gain. I was not expecting Ganymede to be so dark, I presume that with Jupiter at its current position relative to us we are seeing phases on the moons. In your image Ganymede looks partly illuminated, is this correct or have I had too many late nights? Martin
  10. A very detailed image and nice colour balance. Martin
  11. Very nice image. Smooth and full of detail Martin
  12. Thanks for all your comments Here is another image shortly after, this one is a bit sharper and shows more detail in the poles although I may have over sharpened a tad. Martin
  13. Thank you all. I used a Meade 8" sct and a Dbk 21 osc camera at f30. Martin
  14. More good seeing early evening. that 3 out of the last 4 nights. Pity it didn't happen when Jup was at its best. Was surprised how dark Ganymede appears, it looks like a Callisto transit? Martin
  15. Some steady seeing tonight allowed me to image Jupiters "boring side". I only have a 1 hr window to image Jupiter now before it disappears from view. Meade 8" sct and osc dbk21 3000 stacked from 5200 Martin
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