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  1. Hi all, well iv got all the gear but no idea !!! I recently brought a Canon DSLR D400 and have now just got a Celestron C10N Newtonian scope, I am trying to image any thing realy but can't seem to work out what setting I should set my SLR to, Im conecting my camera straight into the focuser with a 'T' ring but not getting any good images ? can any one tell what I should set my camera to and if I am conecting it right or do I need any other equipment ? Cheers.
  2. Thanks everyone for you kind words and interest. Just a few replies to your questions' 1: No you don't need planning permission for this type of build, this is due to a few important factors, (1) it is not deemed a permanent build as it is built with sectional concrete panels & timber (not brick or block) (2) The building must be at least 5 meters away from your nearest building (ie house or garage or any out building) (3) the build must not be any higher than 4 Meters from the highest point (should you have an incline of land in your garden.) 2: The roof gets absolutely no leaks due to the design of roof lap so you form a type of fascia on one side of the roof.( hard to explane so I will take some more pics of this later) 3:Floor Vibration ? well if you look at the pics I have took looking up you will notice on the floor joist I have reinforced them bolted through steel bars, and on the deck of the upper floor it is covered with a 12mm interlocking impact floor tile that gives cushioning (you can see the type of mat used if you type into Ebay search, interlocking floor mats). Hope this clears a few points up for you all and do keep checking the web link as I am now on with landscaping the garden and this will futher enhance the overall appearance, Cheers every one.
  3. Thanks for all the kind words Guys Still bits un bobs to finish off but as you can see I can use the place, I will up date the Blog as I go along. Would like also to thank Steve at FLO for quick delivery of new C10 Newt Scope, just need some good nights to get some use in.
  4. Hi all, well just about finished my observatory so I suspect you would like to see the results so far, please beer in mind that I have quite a way to go to get the yard and aesthetics finished so just ignore the mess!!! Click on the link and it will take you to my Blog spacehopper1.blogspot.com
  5. Hi Huders, Love the place very nice pleasent woman
  6. spacehopper

    Hello all!

    Hi, welcome :hello1:
  7. Hi Mate No, you don't need planning permission if the building is at least 5meters away from the nearest building (ie your house) and no taller than 4meters to the top of the roof from the highest part of your land, I no as some get reported me to the council who came round to inspect. So if any one is planning to do this sort of building make sure you get it right as some git will report you. just to let you all know the roof is nearly done so will update the Blog very soon
  8. Hi Guys Just a quick up date for any one following the Observatory Build, Click on the link to view how its coming on spacehopper1.blogspot.com
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