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  1. I was wondering how this differs from a modified cheap £100+ multimdia pc with several usb ports and wifi ?
  2. Hi all Planning to do some photography with a diy modded canon dslr this christmas, I work away from home so Christmas is my next major time off. I'm putting my kit back together from out of hibernation from last 2 years. When I dug out my 2" cls filter from storeage I noticed that there are about 3 very small scuff marks on the surface. Will this have a noticeable impact? ie does it need replacing with a uhc filter or will the scratches be out of focus? Just putting together a little shopping list ... regards Steve
  3. Good point, I wear glasses for reading but not for using a scope - just getting a bit short sighted. Just checking, had a bit of a senior moment I guess
  4. Maybe a silly question, do they work for photography if you wear glasses ?
  5. I smashed the encoder on one of my motors when disassembling it ;-) , I was belt modding my CG5. For future ref you can order a replacement motor from your dealer, from memory cost was about ~ £50 +/- so not too bad, could be my imagination but sounds better than original (in case you are wondering what the inside looks like) http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/206942-celestron-cg5-motor-teardown/
  6. I used lubriplate 105 as recommended by Software Bisque https://www.lubriplate.com/Products/Automotive-Lubricants-Motor-Oils/Lubriplate-No-105-Motor-Assembly-Grease.html for paramounts for metal metal surfaces and WS2 grease on the worms etc great stuff, try it ;-) had to order both from US though
  7. I have a Report 8203 https://www.ephotozine.com/article/berlebach-mulda-report-8023-wooden-tripod-review-16255 its good for cameras but I wouldn't use it for a telescope (rated 10kg) I also have a UNI 28 http://www.berlebach.de/?bereich=details&id=146&sprache=english rated at 50kg, good enough for a C11 but it cost me over £300 a few years ago Its easy to tell the difference in the stiffness of the legs So great tripods but pick the right size for the job ;-), the UNI range were supposed to be astro mounts since they had a pin to orientate a commercial equitorial (they do sell replaceable top plates if you ask)
  8. Just an update, contacted Celestron tech support rather than Team Support, they gave me some tests to do and confirmed the unit was u/s and suggested I return it for a replacement Fortunately, I bought through FirstLightOptics and dealt with Steve, he arranged for a replacement unit which arrived today (thankfully it has a 2 year guarantee as it's nearly 18 months old and never been tried in anger!) Gave it a quick test and the problem I had before was gone and everything appears to work, just need to give it a field test So moral is, if you have a problem try Celestron Tech support for quick resolution not the Celestron Team support page Great customer service from FirstLight as usual Steve
  9. Don't know but the replacement splitter they said they had sent has still not arrived - at the moment it is unuseable with my CG5 - very poor support from Celestron
  10. Hmm, just received an invoice from the US in the post this morning, apparently a replacement splitter is being sent from the US by surface mail
  11. Anyone with a CG5 received one of these new splitters yet ? I sent a request to celestron support and my UK supplier a week ago but they are not responding to my emails
  12. Ramdisk's, how quant ;-) remember those from many years ago Just did a test in OS X Set up a 16GB ramdisk (out of 48GB) (sorry, forum doesn't seem to allow adding code even in code box ? Unmounting disk Erasing Initialized /dev/rdisk5 as a 16 GB case-insensitive HFS Plus volume Mounting disk Finished erase on disk5 ram disk Running BlackMagic Disk test App Averaging about 2200MB/sec - still running Over x4 faster than a good SSD and not even tuned up
  13. Thanks Mark I may play around with Octave to see its limitations first before going any further
  14. Hi Mark Do you have a link? I have seen the £85 basic for Matlab but I assume there is VAT on top. Does the £99 package have anything else with it? For info, I downloaded Octave (hadn't heard of it before) and it looks neat - those Matlab toolboxes could be expensive if you tried all of them My interest is mainly the neural net packages, I want to compare with my own hand coded cocoa
  15. How did you get CFM to work without the HC? Are you saying you used a USB 3 port rather than a USB 2 port? I just tried connecting HC to serial port and camera to USB 3 and it didn't work, I had the the cable running from camera to splitter as well
  16. I bought one of the keyspan usb serial adapters, quite expensive but it works and comes with a diagnostic app (windows only) - the keyspan works well on OS X 10.9.3 for any mac people (latest drivers on website - needed a reboot to work with CFM) If you have problems then you know its not your usb serial adapter at fault My HC is detected & updated but CFM fails to detect my SS Camera, hopefully the new splitter may resolve this ?
  17. oh dear ... NOTICE: This domain name expired on 06/05/2014 and is pending renewal or deletion - hope they backed everything up! http://teamcelestron.com/?reqp=1&reqr=
  18. I've been waiting for the Altair x0.79 for my f6 altair but its always out of stock http://www.altairastro.com/product.php?productid=16687&cat=291&page=1 There is a cheaper x0.6 and x0.8 for £75 though http://www.altairastro.com/product.php?productid=16556&cat=291&page=1 I think someone on here did a review of them and said they were OK (here is the thread - in response to my similar question ;-) http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/213182-which-reducer-flattener-for-80mm-apo/
  19. likewise, I spent enough cracking open devices to see what makes them tick - I'm being good an waiting for a while before I decide to call it a day
  20. Dave I don't know, however if you sign up on team Celestron site they will mention a new version of a splitter on the way (bit like Christmas) - draw your own conclusions
  21. interesting, I just tick chromatic noise reduction because it sounds like a good idea ;-)
  22. Thanks I downloaded Annie's & Nigel's astro actions - I'm giving them a try
  23. Hi I'm not sure what the common term for this effect is but here is a picture as an example of a narrowband only stack (is there a common term for this effect ?) My question is, what is the best way to get the bright stars a uniform colour eg orange, yellow, red, blue etc without having the centre burned out leaving the orange and blue ringed examples you see here? Would I need many more short exposures or is this something I would correct in software eg PI or PS (I have both) This is a 100% crop of an image, the smaller star disks are more consistently saturated throughout, its just the larger brighter discs If I new what the effect was called I could google it ;-)
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