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  1. Thanks garyc. Not planning on having to go further than the length of the bare patch in the centre of Lords. But I guest Cat5 would still be the go even for that distance. Midman
  2. Thanks glowjet. I am still learning about the structure of these jolly forums. The second burst was nice though even if I was wondering why. Midman
  3. Hi all, further to #22 above. Things have changed a bit down here in the last week as a result of the wether creaqting the floods in Queensland in that we in Sth Oz on the central/eastern aspect of the state have been graced with considerably unusual amounts of rain for mid-summer - thus no skies to look at after sundown and thus no piccys. Just today alone I took 17mm in about 6 hrs which is pretty soggy for this area but, thankfully, not as soggy as the Brisbanites are experiencing at the moment. Midman
  4. Thanks Steep, never too late with info. Haven't gone down that path as I am a bit dim in the area of pci stuff. (Still trying to find the start button on my latop.) I may venture that way one day though when I get a bit more techo - give me a couple more weeks I reckon. Regards to all, Midman
  5. Hi to all, After a bit of digging around I finally located a USB/DB9 (RS232) cable in Sth Oz. Haven't tested in situ yet - am having some confidence with it in the meantime. Thanks to veryone for their contributions. Problem Solvered I think. Midman:)
  6. Thanks old_eyes...that was one that did go through to the keeper. I would have just taken RAW's because that seems to be the recommendation by most. Your point is very good - that's why you have old eyes - seen it all before. Midman
  7. Ah, so simple in the finish. If you get a acouple of private messages on the same subject you can choose to ignore them if you wish thanks. Regards, Midman
  8. Thanks to both Uplooker and Ant. I understand that they will be stored in whatever the camera is set at, the recommendation being RAW. What puzzles me is that short of recording the time I took each relevant type of shot and cross referencing that with the date/time tag of the shot, I don't know from the file name - eg IMG_434.CR2 or IMG_496.CR2 which is a flat or a dark. Hope that makes more sense of my problem. Midman
  9. Hi, I think I am about to ask a silly, silly, silly question - but here goes any way. Been doing a lot of reading about taking flats, darks, bias shots and dark flats as part of the process of astrophotography. I may have missed something in the reading but I can not get my head around what the frames are saved as in the camera in order for tools like DSS and the like to use as they are intended for finalizing a night's work to be be processed in say PS CSE3 as the last stage. Apologies again for not seeming to grasp what must be a simple concept. Midman
  10. And to Psychobilly ...do you know that it is nearly as cold down here at the moment as you lo seem to be experiencing up there. Thanks for your help. Rest assured I'll be back some day soon. Midman
  11. Thanks Kevin, its probably what was alluded to earlier but now it is confirmed. I think I have sources one downhere in Oz that comes with its ownlittl you beaut driver. Can but try...can't throw rocks on your roof from here though. Midman
  12. Thanks to all of you for the info to date. Certainly broadened my thinking about this. Now fellas...lets see if I have this right. If I get the right cable from whomever and I have the appropriate driver for the Windows I am using I should be safe. I understand that the connectivitiy does not include anymore than Data in , Data out and Ground - note no 5v rail. Could one of you perhaps elaborate that if my connectivity understanding is correct that I should not incur any damage to the HEQ5. I figured that the all I am doing is enabling my laptop to issue instructions to the HEQ5. This at least is what the SynScan manual suggests. I guess the real difficulty is that maybe not all usb to rs232 cables are the same at the usb end. The book states that the DB9 plug is pin 2 - Rx data, pin 3 -Tx data and pin 5 GND. Midman:)
  13. Mmmmmmm... that's what I was concerned about Brett & Olly. I checked the site Brett ... I will contact him as see what he can do. Might be able to put me onto someone in Oz. Midman
  14. Hi, with the HEQ5 Pro the RJ11 connector is fitted with a DB9/RS232 connector. Is it adequate to fit a USB to RS232 cable/converter and expect to have things work? I am using a Toshiba laptop that doesn't have an RS232. I do note that the local outlet for such gadgetry talks of some interface software which I gather is necessary for talkies to happen. Can I also assume that if I needed to introduce a extension USB cable that the connectivity will be retained - ie there is a standard that ensures this sort of thing. Tried to find relevant detail on the net and that seems to suggest that Type A pin designations are "standard". I would feel better if someone out there coyuld confirm please. Midman:confused:
  15. Midman

    Midmans Observatory Stages

    Some progress shots from down under.
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