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  1. Well as predicted after the rain and cloud all day it did go clear at 22:00 and I went out about 11 for an hour and had a good look at Saturn. My first light in over a year as I am just getting back into it, picked the wrong time of year though, but was good none the less.
  2. Been cloudy and raining all day here today, but forecast has been clear skies from 22:00, just looked out the window and its clear skies, for how long is the question?
  3. ok cool, was more concerned that if it was stored 24/7 in the shed, is it ok that is cold in there? Just been playing about with it indoors and aligning the finderscope, was very impressed that i could read a car number plate about a mile away through a window, blumming typical that its cloudy now so unlikely to get to play some more tonight.
  4. oh another quick question on storing the scope. Is it ok to keep outside in the shed? or is it better to keep it in the house so its less prone to the elements?
  5. Cool cheers for the advice all. I can star hop reasonably well with my Bins, so hopefully it won't take much more with the scope and finderscope.
  6. yep already got Stellarium, had a bins for a few months. I know where things are etc. though finding them in a scope may be a challenge Speaking of which, do people use the RA/Dec dial things on the EQ mount to find things or do you just star hop like with Bins? Didn't try last night but i can imagine star hopping in a scope to be difficult, especially when looking for something that can't be seen with the naked eye. Was difficult finding enough getting Saturn lined up and i could see that with my eyes. An not really interested in looking at the moon or planets, even though i will at times. Seen so many pictures of them that looking at them with my own eyes won't really inspire me, whereas DSO's even if only a smudge would inspire me.
  7. I dont mind the DSO's looking like smudges, just as long as i could see something, would i be able to see "something" with this scope? or will it just not be good enough to see anything. Its borrowed for as long as i need, so not too worried at the moment, hoping it will give me a good idea if i like the hobby without wasting money on my own scope if you know what i mean.
  8. Hi all, Well borrowed my Dad's telescope yesterday as he never uses it, its only a beginners scope i presume. Its a Konusmotor 70 #1782, 70mm F900, f12 refractor. KONUS - Optical & Sport System It came with 3 eyepieces, a Plossl 17mm, 10mm and 6.3mm and a 2X Barlow lens, and a green filter that says moon on it. Unfortunately no instructions so am figuring things out as i go along. My questions to start with are what can i expect to see with this scope? Tried looking at the moon last night, but wasn't impressed so guess i was doing something wrong. Also tried Saturn but i think the Moon was washing it out. Was only playing around with it so trying to get use to how it moved and other things, so am hoping once i get used to it, things will look clearer and i'll find them easier. I would like to be able to see DSO's would i be able to with this scope?
  9. Managed to catch between clouds at 6:37, very bright and very quick, no wonder people mistake these things for UFO's Too cloudy for the second pass.
  10. Got lucky tonight, only two clear patches off sky between the clouds, one were Jupiter was, and the other from the left edge of orion to the right edge of Leo. Was raining on top of me lol, but managed to catch as it came past Orion, was suprised how easy it was to see with the naked eye and how quickly it moves. Only just got the 15x70 bins on it just as it went back behind the clouds, will try again in 30 mins.
  11. Must be the same series then, will watch them eventually
  12. Thanks for the link Astro, i see your from South of Lincoln, know any good dark sites round this area?
  13. Was "The Planets" on bbc recently? i have recently recorded a program call The Planets on my sky box from episode 3 not watched them yet though. Am halfway through Series one of The Universe on Blu ray and its not bad, though i do also have Wonders of the Solar System on Blu ray and thats far better imo.
  14. My first report so be gentle Used 15x70 revelation binoculars Saw we had partially clear skies last night around 9pm so ventured into the back garden to take alook with my binoculars for my first serious observation since getting them. Garden is south facing so started with the easy and very popular Orion Nebular, the two stars surrounded by a smudge looked very clear and impressive considering what it is. Also took a look at the belt and compared the red colour of Betelgeuse and the blue colour of Regel, very impressed that there is an obvious colour difference. Next went onto the impressive Pleiades, and then tried to find M31 adromeda galaxy, unfortunately it was above the house at the time and light wasn't great but think i got it, although it was a very faint smudge. Then went back the other way to the Beehive cluster M44, which again was impressive, finally tried to find M67 but wasn't sure if i had seen it or not. Finally for the last 10 mins or so i just laid on the ground looking around, amazing how many more stars can be seen with bins and opens your eyes to how much is out there. How do you guys plan what to look for? these seemed the obvious things to look for due to the area of the sky i was looking at, but there is many more targets around, do you just make a list before you go out and try to find them, or do you just go on impulse? I had my ipod with sky safari but found that more distracting than just looking at the sky. But when just looking at the sky i didn't know what i was looking for
  15. Got season one, its not bad, from reviews i read before i got it, people say Season one and two are decent but it went downhill from series 3 and 4. If i was you i would get series one and if you like that then get the next one and so on...wouldn't waste £70 on something if your not gonna like it...surely theres better things to spend £72 on?
  16. Hi, Have ordered a pair of Revelation 15x70 bins, which apparently are rebranded celestron ones, they were only £50 from Rother Valley optics, so £26 cheaper than the Celestron ones if indeed they are the same. Still waiting on delivery so can't comment on them yet.
  17. I've just ordered a pair of Revelation 15x70's still waiting on the postman to send them, apparently they are rebranded Celestron 15x70 which have had good reviews on this forum.
  18. 31 next month here, still young
  19. Hi all, Yes am also new here, always been interested in the stars but never took it up as a hobby, asked for an astronomy book for christmas and hope to get it into it more. seems like a great forum this and hope to stay here awhile
  20. I got Haynes Astronomy Manual, and a Planishere to get me started in astronomy only problem is its too cloudy to see anything, but even so reading the book is making me want to go outside and also buy some binoculars
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