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  1. I have a Kson 102 f/6 FPL ED scope. Even at f/6 chromatic aberration is quite well controlled. Seen my best views of a Jupiter shadow transit with it. It’s also really light and compact. An excellent travel scope. now gets a little less use because of my TS Optics 90mm triplet.
  2. I started with BSTs and they are good, but the lenses kept coming loose. it was irritating tightening them up on a regular basis. I now use Celestron Excel LXs. A little more expensive, but just as good a view as the BSTs, but better build quality. PS avoid the 5mm Excel. I’ve gone back to. BST 5mm, which I glued the lenses in?
  3. Agreed. If you struggle to see any but the brightest stars, in an urban setting, Goto is a must.
  4. Brilliant. First class colour-free Optics. Much the same size and weight as an 80mm, but almost a match for 100mm, visually. I won’t be selling mine anytime soon!
  5. Got a BST ED 3.2 for Xmas and as soon as I opened its box the clouds rolled in? Will give me about x187 in my 90mm triplet, which I hope will let me split some closer doubles? I will report when I can.
  6. Your mistake was buying an EQ mount in the first place. Never underestimate their innate hostility.
  7. Welcome to the endlessly frustrating world of EQ mounts. Junk it. Do not sell and inflict pain on others.
  8. No it isn’t. And as you say it only gets harder.
  9. Simple really. RA and Dec are a complete pain, often quite literally, whilst Alt/Az is easy and painless. Unless you’re a masochist, or into astrophotography, stick to Alt/Az.
  10. Ah the delights of setting up an EQ mount.....
  11. EQ mounts are a device of the Devil. I sympathise with you.
  12. Hope you do regret buying the 8SE. I have both the 6 and 8SE scopes. Almost never use the 8 due to a combo of poor seeing and long cool down- the 6 is much less affected.
  13. Ah, the “joy” of setting up an EQ mount......
  14. Your mistake was buying an EQ mount. A device designed by the Devil, to cause us mortals maximum frustration and torment.
  15. It’s an EQ mount, so expect huge frustration. You are much better off with a go to Alt/Az. Mount.
  16. The lesson here is never, ever buy an EQ mount unless you are into imaging. As the original poster notes the “faff” is simply not worth it. I have had an EQ5 for almost 2 years now and after many frustrating attempts, early on, now never think of using it.
  17. Always seem very expensive compared with very similar products.
  18. I have a C6 and a C8. The C8 gets next to no use compared to the C6. Cooldown time, bulk and poor seeing are the issues.
  19. It takes me less than 5 mins to align my SE mount. Once aligned has never failed to find a selected object. Kept Castor pretty much centred for over 2 hours. I went out jogging then had tea and came back. On the other hand my experience with EQ mounts has been serial failure and frustration.
  20. Give up now. You will save yourself hours of frustration.
  21. Had a GC5 for 2 years now, used it about 5x with little success. I have given up on it. Totally frustrating piece of kit- but no different from any other EQ Mount. A device designed by the Devil.
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