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  1. Thanks so much. All great ideas ppl. Pity the telescope manufacturers don't seem to think about this really, and the ones that do know how to charge...
  2. I had a look at these. Fishing/sports bag might be easier to carry. The cricket bag can be carried like a rugsack which has an obvious benefit. Thanks for the suggestion.
  3. thanks for the responses everyone. Cricket carryalls seem to be the best suited. have opted for one from amazon; not too bad at £20 including P&P. thanks again
  4. Hello all Could anyone point me in the direction of a fairly good, cheap aluminium case for a Skywatcher 150p please? Thanks
  5. after reading this, think i will move my beind outside tomorrow night. thanks
  6. Eireansown

    Eireansown Pics

    Starting with my amatuerish & hopefully they start to get better.
  7. Eireansown

    IMG 0161

    From the album: Eireansown Pics

  8. Hi Tim, Love the photos. I remember my first view of the moon also. it does help with instilling some awe and adventurous spirit.
  9. also try: http://www.preloved.co.uk/ and buy and sell is the one where i picked up my 2nd hnd 150P. good hunting.
  10. Rich - Check out http://www.astrobuysell.com/uk/index.php
  11. I have a sky watcher 150P, great scope. just learning myself. Ive had been advised to stretch to the 200 if I could, but funds would not allow. Last night i saw a great image of Saturn, some Messier objects M103 for example, so the 150P is a good scope. I got mine second hand too, so consider that option if you want more bang for your buck maybe get a 5mm lens as I don't think they come as standard. good hunting.
  12. Crisis resolved. Was out last night and got some nice views of Saturn. it was not the lens, it was me... Although I think I may invest in some better EPs going forward. Thanks erveryone for all your help.
  13. Cool thanks Stub Mandrel. its good to know others have had some experiences like mine and have figured them out. I supposed doing all of this is part of the fun of it. Cheers. Now for the clouds to part...
  14. Charic, Funnily enough - She just said "perhaps in the future"... who knows what the future will bring.. Thanks for the advice everyone, I had planned to go to Regents Park shortly - Baker St Irregulars group - so perhaps a bit of hands on with an expert will show be my flaws. I'll keep my eye out for a 5mm too. Cheers
  15. Thansk brantuk, I have thought that it might be an adapter of some sort. I will leave it at home from now on. In relation to focusing, I don't think that is the issue. I can adjust the focus to get a nice sharp image for example, on the moons surface I can focus in and out,, getting very good detail of the surface, but cannot get the detail that you describe when i try the same focusing on planet objects. Ive tried all the variations with the 10mm with & without barlow, and 25mm same. very clear image of a bright object which is just bright and shiny but no discernible features.. !!
  16. Thanks Charic, Unfortunately If i invest any more at the moment, I will be living alone she is still to find her love for astronomy... one day.
  17. Hello All, Total newcomer to Astronomy here, although I have always been interested/fascinated - I have only recently taken to leap with a 2nd hand Sky Watcher 150P. I love it, I've been out, seen the moon a few times, taken photos, looked at some star clusters and gradually learning the night skies through reading TL@Orion and mainly blog posts here. BUT! and I'm almost sure this is me - but I will ask anyway. First Issue: I can get extremely clear images of the moon using the supplied 10mm & 25mm lenses, but when i try the same any of the planets - all I see is bright objects. from the blogs i have read I have set my expectations - 6" reflector should give me something like a pea sized image of Saturn right? but I don't get it. Am I doing something wrong? I set up polar alignment, use star charts etc, so I am almost confident that I am looking at the right objects, but cannot see the detail. Second Issue: the eye piece came with some sort of extension, not sure what it is but it fits into the focus tube and extends the tube - when i try using this it just blurs all the images. even the moon. what is this for & am I using it correctly. Hopefully some of this makes sense - do I need a better lenses, am I using them incorrectly! Thanks
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