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  1. A nice clear night in Warrington. Managed to see a total of 6 stars within Orion. I saw more than 16% of people taking the survey. Grrr! On the plus side, with binoculars, I could see M42 with cyan colouring.
  2. I think it was one of the cables supporting the dish off the ground that snapped first. The whole thing, including dish, was suspended off the ground.
  3. Having always used freeware and native software that came with hardware, I bought SGP recently and have just installed ASCOM etc to make it work. I'm disappointed by this change out of the blue. Had I known they were changing, I wouldn't have bought it. I wont be using the subscription model. Its too expensive for what it is. I'll use SGP until it no longer works, then find an alternative. If it had been a cheaper annual cost, I'd have thought about it.
  4. Neill Sanders maintains a comprehensive list on his GoStargazing website.
  5. I'll definitely get to the gathering in the next few days and am really looking forward to meeting everyone again. As usual, I'm not quite sure about my arrival time.... or day. It depends upon how Doris kicks me around the UK! The updates that everyone keeps posting are really encouraging and show that astronomy and events like this aren't just about clear skies. It's also about sharing knowledge and experience. Every time I come to Galloway I learn so much more! See you soon!
  6. I was 6 and lived in a new build house with wooden framed single glazed windows and venitian blinds just like in the OPs photo. My family watched the eclipse through some sheets of glass that my mum had somehow put smoke onto. Luckily we all survived that one! Later on I grew up to be a long haired motorcycling lout. Luckily I survived that too!
  7. My setup a week or so ago in Pembrokeshire, looking out to sea with some light pollution from Skokholm Island I think. Its a Takahashi FSQ106ED on an NEQ6 Pro, which I lug about for days, heading to wherever there is a clear sky forecast. This was imaging NGC7000. Power comes from 3 x leisure batteries which I recharge during the day while kipping in the car.
  8. Yes, Galloway has grass like a carpet. But Kielder has good mud. Honest mud. The kind of mud that sticks to your boots and says "I'm a friend for life". Fingers crossed that you all have a great night's imaging and viewing. I wish I was with you but work commitments prevented it. Please post photos ASAP! Jonathan
  9. I was overthinking this. The +02 simply means move the decimal point 2 digits to the right. So with minus values, 7.00000000000E -2 would be 0.07 of a second. Durr!
  10. My Fits file metadata displays the exposure duration of my images in the format "1.2000000000E+02", which converts to 120 seconds. Does anyone have a conversion table they can share or give a link to, so that I can easily make them into seconds? Thanks!
  11. @Kazzmaniandevil: In your last screenshot, drag the middle slider (just above the 1.00 box) about a quarter of the way to the left. Then click OK. Then get the levels dialogue box again and repeat this about 5 times. This will bring the histogram "hump" nearer to the middle. You should then see some more of the nebula.
  12. And here's a li'l startrail shot from the same night, looking towards Newton Stewart. This view is horizon to horizon - hence the lack of startrails at the top of the pic... 520 x 16 sec photos @ F4.0 ISO 1600 - Canon 5D Mk2 with EF 8-15mm L fisheye lens.
  13. I really enjoyed the star party. It's so good to listen to advice from such knowledgeable people! Thanks again to Mike for arranging it. Here's a pic from Tuesday night combined with a couple more subs from a trip to Mallaig on Friday. (8 x 15 min subs using Takahashi FSQ106ED, NEQ6, Starlight Xpress H35 mono with red filter. No flats or darks). It's time to get the books out and learn more about processing and getting decent flats. I hope that you all had better weather after I left - tonight looks very promising.
  14. My trusty piece of dried seaweed says Tuesday night is looking good - so all being well I'll see you around late afternoon Tues! Woo Yay!
  15. Here's one I did a couple of weeks ago from the campsite around January's new moon looking towards Newton Stewart. I'm pretty sure that the lights in the nearby village dimmed around 23:00, but it was a really nice dark sky. This pic was umpteen jpegs at around 12 secs, ISO1000 F5-ish with a Canon 8-15mm L zoom and Canon 5dMk2, stitched together using Startrails. I'm pretty sure I've now sorted the problem I was having with my main rig - a dodgy USB cable - so I'm looking forward to the gathering now!
  16. Yes I'm looking forward to the Spring do. Galloway is such a great place for astronomy & it'll be great to meet up with everyone again. I failed miserably imaging with the Takahashi in the last few days due to a faulty USB cable, but played around with the Astrotrac at the campsite & also did some star trail stuff, which I'm trying to process now.
  17. I was on the site on the night of Thurs 7th Jan. Perfect sky from 6pm to 3am with a slight breeze or no wind at all. After that, it absolutely binned it down, leading to inevitable surface water that drains quickly. There was no mud at all on the site & I left it in good nick for the Spring Gathering! ETA I spent Friday night on the Carrick forest drive with about 3 ins of snow. At 4am the sky cleared - I've never seen darker skies than that. Amazing!
  18. Robp, You have my sympathy! looking at your streetlight photo, do you think that the kind of shield the light may need is something travelling down the length of the lamppost for a distance, rather than a shield on the light itself? If the light is LED and fairly directional this may work as there may not be too much light spill. I've heard that some people put up temporary shields in their gardens using a scaffolding pole and board or two poles with material stretched between. Maybe that may work. I'm thinking of that solution to mask my neighbours retina-melting security light. Good luck!
  19. I'd agree that this was one of the better ones for clear skies - saw stars every night Wed-Sat, often with long clear spells. No rain to talk of and, as usual, lots of friendly people to discuss astro with, plus interesting talks on the Saturday afternoon. Thanks again to Lynn and the team for arranging this. I'll be back! Have any dates been set for Kielder Spring?
  20. I'll do my best to get there. Have I looked through my Tak yet? No. I really should give that a try, but the time just flies by when faffing about with imaging! See you soon!
  21. Kenny, It's hopeless here just a few miles from you. I can see a few bright stars directly above me but that's it. The rest is clouded soup. I hope it doesn't blow your way. Enjoy the night!
  22. Hi folks, I'm not sure whether I can make the Shakedown due to work commitments. If I do, It'll be the weekend for me. But I've got a bag of time off booked (not sure what the collective noun is for days off work!) for the Autumn bash. Can't wait!
  23. Yay! It'll be great to have some clear skies! I went to County Kerry, Ireland for a fortnight for my hols, taking the Astrotrac, hefty tripod etc. It chucked it down. Every day we had lots of rain and I only saw the milky way once between clouds. So tonight is going to be good, even though I'm back at home in light polluted Warrington. I hope that you see the NAN & Pelican tonight Paul!
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