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  1. Hi, Just a random topic, but does anyone have a song which reminds them of astronomy? Perhaps you were listening to it when you saw a meteor or tracked down that elusive faint and fuzzy? For me, It's Five O'Clock by Aphrodite's Child reminds me of a night time flight back from New York when I looked out of the plane window and was AWESTRUCK by how many stars there were and how bright the Milky Way was!! It just came up on iTunes and I was interested if anyone had similar experiences? Remy
  2. Hi, I was just wondering what the feeling about being taxed a little each month to pay for new, efficient anti-light pollution streetlights would be. If all of the street lights in my area were replaced, the saving of electricity together with a £1 monthly tax could cover the costs over just under 10 years! What are your thoughts?
  3. That's awesome but I did have a little chuckle when he was observing underneath a bright light for the benefit of the cameras! Still, a brilliant thing from a brilliant man!
  4. Hello, Does anybody know how much a streetlight costs to install? I mean more in terms of the labour as opposed to the light itself. I am currently doing a case study on replacing all of the lights in my local area with efficient cut-off ones. If there is enough interest, I can post my report here after finishing... Regards, Remy
  5. Hi All, Tonight I am planning on taking some images of Jupiter through my telescope using my webcam. I was just wondering if anybody had any good tips for me? Is there any free software which will actually help me TAKE the images (ie allows more controls on the webcam's settings?) Remy
  6. Hi, I think you are correct on both objects - Jupiter in the evening and Venus in the Morning!
  7. Thank you very much everybody - it's so pleasing that all of you enjoy it too! That would be great - there is a code on the YouTube page that you can copy in order to embed it on your website! May I have a link after?
  8. The landing was 24 years before I was born but all of the coverage still seems to special to me, and I know a lot of the communications by heart now, having watched it so many times I eagerly await the 'new' Moon Landings in the next decade or so, and hopefully will witness a man on Mars - I really hope that these have the same effect on the population and are as special as Apollo 11.
  9. It certainly is! I do remember your comments when I initially posted it! Thank you very much for all of your comments - I really appreciate it, and I hope that you enjoyed the video!
  10. Hi Ron, You've missed out a 'P' in the URL: This link works:
  11. Hooray! I received my S@N magazine in the post today, and to my delight my message received Message of the Month! I was talking about how I had made an Astronomy Rap on YouTube for the IYA 2009 to encourage others my age to get involved with the hobby! They also included a picture of my video on YouTube For those who havn't seen it yet, the video may be viewed here: I had posted a link before but hardly got a response... Thanks, and happy viewing. Remy :)
  12. The music was composed specially for the show by Richard Blair-Oliphant Source: When We Left Earth: The NASA Missions - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  13. This is FANTASTIC! Thanks so much! I would completely recommend the Google Earth Map. It's so detailed! I live in a Yellow area, and I thought that my sky was pretty good - this makes me optimistic as there is SO MUCH MORE to see! Remy.
  14. I have before seen these and they are FANTASTIC! The ISS one is incredibly real while the Space Shuttle is so atmospheric - the music used is great.
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