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  1. iv just bought this its just arrived the other day but it gives a much larger field of view. hope to try it out tonight actually. https://www.parkcameras.com/p/1240408C/canon-lenses-ef-mount/canon/ef-s-10-18mm-f45-56-is-stm??utm_source=googlebase&utm_medium=pricecomp&utm_campaign=GoogleShopping&gclid=CJq4n-i5tM4CFUITGwodkW0GZw quite a good review gives an idea of the difference in field of view- http://www.the-digital-picture.com/Reviews/Canon-EF-S-10-18mm-f-4.5-5.6-IS-STM-Lens.aspx
  2. I want to get some images of the viel nebula in narrowband, iv got Ha,O3 and S filters, will an hour each channel be sufficient or what is best allocation of time per channel. I suspect its got a strong Ha and O3 what about S?
  3. I have a 85A/h battery and after 3-4 hours imaging my atik camera starts playing funny boy, vertical lines etc I power 2 dew heaters, netbook, atik camera etc so on a long imaging run id prefer mains power I see 12v/5 A supplies on ebay for £6-7, wonder would these do?
  4. How do I stop down a canon 200mm f2.8 prime lens? As the stars in getting are quite bloated at f2.8?
  5. Where can I get a mains power supply cable for an heq5 mount?
  6. hello, how much would I expect to pay for a decent 2nd hand full frame camera? iv only used canons before so would prefer a canon. also apart from chip size what are the other advantages?
  7. Hello I'm quite into wide field astro work, but feel very limited with my APS-C canon, would a 10mm lens be a big improvement or would I be better getting a full frame.
  8. its captured give yourslef a pat one back!
  9. Hello I'm based in Glasgow but would like to do startrails with something interesting in the foreground, would be willing to drive for an hour or so, any suggestions?
  10. Hello, I'm using an Atik 314 with a canon 200mm prime lens with filterdrawer. It's fine for narrowband but get very bloated stars for lrgb. The lens is f2.8, how much would I need to step it down by to get better stars?
  11. Hello Im interested to go to a star party as iv never been to one before, to see what it all about! is there somewhere I can find the dates of all the star parties? im living in fife but a drive doesn't bother me. I work 2 weeks on 2 weeks off away so may well be away for some of them.
  12. Lovely rendition of the elephants trunk, nice colours too.
  13. great start to CCD imaging, much better than my first attempt with a CCD, well done.
  14. fantastic rendition on the pelican nebula!
  15. beautifully crisp image, just great.
  16. lovely image, hope to try this galaxy some time.
  17. I had a similar problem to you in the end I upgraded to this one, no problems since. http://www.opticalvision.co.uk/astronomical_accessories-focusers/dual_speed_2_crayford_focuser_for_sky_watcher_refractors.html
  18. Excellent photos! I was on night shift set my alarm for the start of it but slept through gutted! great photos again.
  19. That's a very similar set up As iv got, only I used a different filter holder with the drawer you will get really good results with narrowband and quick too at F2.8.
  20. lovely image well done, how are you getting the stars so tight?
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