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  1. I had planned on using my canon 200mm prime F2.8 lens with a filter drawer, but judging by the comments of fast speeds there sounds like there will be a vignetting problem.
  2. Hello has anyone used this lens for astrophotography? would it be suitable for astrophotograpy with a CCD??
  3. Hello Im considering buying an Atik 383L mono, will this be ok to use with 1.25" filters? was also looking at a atik 460 but the chip size of the 383L is a big draw.
  4. Thanks for the info, I used a canon 200mm f2.8 prime with my Atik and I loved it. I just thought having the ability to change the fov would be a nice option....
  5. Hello does anyone have any experience of using this lens with a CCD camera? I know it's a chunk of money, but I like the idea of keeping my imaging rig light. Any thoughts or experience would be appreciated.
  6. Hello I recently lost an alu case with atik 314l mono/ lrgb filters/wheel and qhy guider cam and 9x50 finder., gutted doesn't cover it, nevermind ??? So im forced to upgrade, I'm just wondering has colour ccds come on in the past 3 years. Would like a larger chip but seriously thinking about a one shot colour.(I did love my 314L ) I do like atiks capture software. Any advice will help. Cheers
  7. Hello is anyone aware of any tour operator offering solar eclipse travel packages to the US from the uk in Aug?
  8. Hello Does anyone know where the best place to view this spectacle will be in the USA, I know it sweeps across the states but is there a preferred place to view and hopefully photograph it?
  9. Hello I may be in the market for some new imaging gear as I want to get fairly close up images of galaxy's, I own a C9.25 but its too much weight for my HEQ5, I also have a SW ed120, would a C8 be a good idea for imaging real close up? im using a finder guider also. Also my C9.25 has no mirror lock, which version of a C8 would I need?
  10. Hello Iv been doing abit of research on this as I want a light grab and go tracking platform, will this take the weight of ed80 with dslr?? or is that too much weight for it?
  11. Hello Looking for abit of advice im looking to take some long exposure images with canon dslr and lens, so wondering which tracking set up is best, I had an astrotrac before and really didn't get on with or like the polar alignment scope, so wondering what other setups are on offer now?
  12. Hello Iv recently looked at afew vids of folk imaging with the fastar system at f2 it sounds too good to be true, but if it was that good everyone would be using it, are there any drawbacks to the system??
  13. how much is the whole set up quark ERF etc al in?
  14. How does a PST compare imagingwise to the quark???
  15. Hello I want to get rid of using batteries now, the only things powered from my batteries now are my mount and dew heaters, I will buy a psu for my mount from modern astronomy but how can I power my 2 dew heaters from mains?? they have a 12v cigarette lighter plug.
  16. What would be a good step from the Atik 314L +? Looking fir a larger sensor.
  17. Found this one a real struggle to process, i had another 3 hours of data but was corrupt due to high whispy annoying cloud, rendering the data unusable, (thanks olly for the registar info) Taken with swed80 and atik314L+, L 120mins, rgb 55mins binned 2x2. Maybe i just need more imaging time would have made the processing easier.
  18. @olly yes that works! strange iv never had to do that before though. makes life easier so i dont have to align each sub. thanks for the ifo.
  19. i dont use the autosave i save seperately as a 16 bit tiff never had probs before?
  20. Hello I am experiencing difficulties getting registar to open my stacked tiff files, it will open individual subs but wont open the stacked processed file, i keep getting this error message. Unable to read TIFF file. Please ensure that the file has not been created using a proprietary compression scheme. i just save the stacked file as a tiff as per normal. any Ideas?
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