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  1. wi-fi sounds interesting! my netbook is afew years old now but not steam powered, yet.... I primarily use a 200mm canon lens so requires manual refocusing, so need to see the netbook screen to tweak. which remote focuser do you use and how can this be controlled?
  2. Was just looking at it from the view of power, if it’s not nessasary or if there is no benefit noise wise, then why draw the extra power?
  3. Thanks Wimvb, lots of soldering was required to lengthen power cables and several usb repeaters to lengthen the usb's to reach inside the van from the mount and camera, only prob is refocusing between filters as i need to take the laptop back outside to see the screen when tweaking focus. i live in the middle of glasgow so very light polluted and 3 flights of stairs up so means i can load the van up take off somewhere really dark and sleep overnight if required! i have dreams of a dedicated mini observatory one day..............
  4. nice must be nice to see the milkyway in all its glory like that.
  5. been trying to figure out how long my 20A/h battery would last with my atik 460ex, im hopefully going to run the cooling at -5, is there any point cooling it down below that and using more power?
  6. thanks @Juicy6 ok doesnt look to difficult at all, where did you get the connectors male and female? how do you know the polarity when pluggung in? is there a lug on the plug so it only goes in one way?
  7. Hello Been working on my campervan/mobile astrophotograpy project the last month or two, plan is batterys all in the van all warm out the cold (me too) and cables trailing in the back of the van where i can keep an eye on everyhting as the images download. how i miss 240Volts!!!!
  8. Hello Looking for some advice, my heq5 mount power connector is really doing my head in, needs changed. How easy is this to do yourself, I have a soldering iron. Or can I send it away to have a new one fitted? It disconnected the power twice last night after doing an align very annoying having to start again. If the wire moves the wrong way it disconnects power. As it’s so loose. I’m thinking a 90 degree connector would be better too as it would stop the connector being strained. Cant fault the mount itself it’s bullet proof! But will need replaced. Is this a send away job? If so who would repair it? Or is it easy enough to do oneself?
  9. Cracking M45, never get bored of looking at it.
  10. Does anyone use a small generator when imaging remotely to power all the gear? Are these loud? I thought the idea was abit mad to start with but the more I think about it......... I'm seeing them for sale for around £160, 2x80A/h battery's would be approx the same price and size and wouldn't have to worry about battery life especially in the cold, Anyone have any thoughts on this?
  11. Thanks for the info. Will just continue with tiffs then.
  12. Tried it with out filter and it does focus out my window at some distant houses anyway, it's some way off infinity markings on the lens but that's not a problem, should be fine with a filter as that will only add 0.3mm length to it.
  13. Is there more 'image' data in a fit file rather than a tif file, reason I ask is I like to give my downloaded images a quick stretch as they download to check everything's in order I do this with photoshop but I wouldn't be able to do this with a fits file.
  14. Wonder if 1.8mm short will still focus with the lens??
  15. Does the filter reduce the back focus by an extra 1mm then that just leaves 0.5mm.
  16. Hello Im trying to get set up with my atik 460ex and canon 200mm f2.8 lens, now i think i read somewhere that the back focus of the lens is 44mm. looking athe pic below, the lens/filter holder filter drawer is 29mm, back focus to sensor 13.5mm, so that leaves me needing a connector 1.5mm long with a m42 x 0.75 for camera and im assuming the filter drawer is the same thread. need to be female one end male the other end, any ideas where i could get one or how have you got round this??
  17. Hello Can anyone tell me where i can get a usb cable for an atik 460ex? Im assuming its a generic usb so no to pay huge prices from an astro site?
  18. I'm primarily going to be iMaging with a 200mm canon lens and ED80, which camera is better suited for these? Imassuming the chip size is the same.
  19. Plate solving... what is it??? Is it for imaging different nights in a row??
  20. Looking forward to this, Only my 2nd star camp after kielder, See you there in Nov.
  21. Wanted. If your selling please get in touch.
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