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  1. ok thanks steppenwolf will give it a try tmrw, would the same apply if i was setting up to ballance with a side by side set up?
  2. Hello can anyone direct me to a good tutorial or advice, when ballancing my 200p on my heq5 its seems decently ballanced in all directions untill i attach the 450d it seems hard to ballance it. It will be ballanced in one direction but heavy in the other, i adjusted it slightly in afew directions but seems to be off? i have the focusser set to the left hand side when in the home position.?
  3. Nice moon images there, did you have your meade set up on a wedge or set up in alt,az mode for these pics?
  4. Cheers Micheal, i didnt realise there was that much detail in there, im just starting out and really dont know a great deal about processing. Will go for longer exposure time next time i try image it. Although im just wandering are these clouds ever going to shift?
  5. Taken with megrez 72, SW field flattener, unmodded 450D, on a heq5. 10X1 min exposures stacked in DSS. Put it in photoshop and mucked around abit. Really need to learn how to process images properly.
  6. can you post a pic of the focuser? just to be sure as its abit of money to waste if the coma corrector doesnt work.
  7. Do you have the sky blue SW 200p? with normal crayford focuser or is it the shortened focuser?
  8. Hello im looking for some advice/help iv got a SW 200p and plan to use it for imaging with a dslr, can anyone suggest the correct one to get as i hear some people have difficulty achiving focus with a corrector in place?
  9. This is my first go at the orion nebula, first ever HDR photo. Iv reprocessed maybe 3 times now and the whole thing ends up looking too red/pink? Not sure how to tease out the intricate colours yet without turning the whole pinkish.
  10. Yes i use a megrez 72 and SW field flattener and get some decent results when imaging. The SW flattenr is alot less expensive than the WO one.
  11. Got some baader filter sheet recently and made a filter, So got my first solar photo pleased i got afew spots. Single shot taken with 450D, megrez 72 through X2 barlow. There seems to be alot of dust or debries in the optical path though, would flats get rid of these?
  12. Iv got an heq5 and only plan to use a metres 72 and st-80 on it so should handle that hopefully?
  13. Just wandered does anyone use one of these for a two scope guide set up and how do you find it, does it do the job, is it rigid enough?
  14. They look very expensive! for what they do. Iv also got a 200P do you think this will hold the weight with guide scope side by side?
  15. Thanks for the advice olly, can you reccommend a suitable side by side plate. do you think it will work out cheaper getting a side by side arrangement? Am i right in thinking the megrez foot and st-80 will just slide straight in to each side of the bar. How do you find ballancing it?
  16. Hello i have just recieved an st-80 for guiding, im planning to use it to guide a megrez 72 which by the way has a foot rather than rings? on an heq5 pro. Would anyone know which guide rings and dovetails i would need to get? Or does anyone have a similar setup. (how is yours connected) Can i get rings to fit a megrez 72?
  17. Thanks for the comments, it was taken about an hours drive south of glasgow no sky glow. I think the lights of the small town add to the pic nicely, taken with 450D iso 1600, with 18-55mm lens set at 18mm think it was a 1 min exp.
  18. Here is a tutorial on how to process the image first in DSS then save as tiff and move it to photoshop for further processing. Astronomy Shed UK Astronomy Forum • View topic - Superb Processing Tutorial
  19. A couple of pics of Auriga on an HEQ5 Pro with 450D and 18-55mm kit lens, 3 min exposure. Only post processing a bit of diffusion added to bring out the brighter stars.
  20. Im just getting my guiding gear together slowly, As i havent done it before i know very little about the ins and outs of it, i just wandered if you have set everything up on the guide star and a cloud rolls in, do you have to start from scratch with the set up? I was considering a syn guider.
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