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  1. Im just getting my guiding gear together slowly, As i havent done it before i know very little about the ins and outs of it, i just wandered if you have set everything up on the guide star and a cloud rolls in, do you have to start from scratch with the set up? I was considering a syn guider.
  2. Was taken with an heq5 and a megrez 72 unguided, 8 X 1min subs. But was taken from a truly dark site. Makes all the difference!
  3. Has it moved much in your image? Also how do you add arrows/text etc to photos? Can it be done in Photoshop?
  4. Thanks for informing me about the asteroid I had no idea! Any idea how far away from earth it is?
  5. Thanks for the comments, do you think there is much more nebulosity to bring out with a longer exposure?
  6. Thats a really good image beats my first go at M31 hands down.
  7. First go at m45 with 450D think 8 mins of data. Not sure how to bring out the yellow colour in the other stars seem to have turned everything blue when processing.
  8. Ok sounds good to me will give it a go sometime!
  9. Thanks for the comments, When you say boost the levels what exactly do you mean? I really know ziltch about processing i just put it in photoshop and messed about to darken the image. Also if imaging on consecutive nights and you need to stack images from a previous night will they not be misaligned? Or does the camera have to have exactly the same orientation etc?
  10. Nice image, why through the red filter?
  11. This is my first attempt at the Andromeda galaxy, No where as good as many as i see on here but hey its a start! About 30 mins of exposure (taken about 25 min drive outside a major city so LP around) taken with megrez, canon 450D, cls clip forgot to put the camera to raw mode when i started so just jpg's to stack. Iv done very little processing of deepsky objects so, any help, comments and advice to improve the image are welcome.
  12. Would anyone know What is the weight of the 200p OTA, and what is the weight limit of the heq5 pro mount?
  13. Out of interest what size eyepiece roughly would a webcam imager be equivilant too? For ease of focusing?
  14. Cheers for the advice brian, would a bahtinov mask do the job if i turned the scope to a bright star, focussed then back to the moon. Also what would be the best program to use for building a mosaic?
  15. Hello i tried lunar imaging with a webcam for the first time using sharpcap the other night, i then ran the AVIs through registax, they are ok, but looking for afew tips, How many frames should i ideally be looking to get? i tried 200-300 is that enough? also what settings should i be using. I just had the settings on auto, but do you have to keep them the same as if putting them in a mosiac they will be different shades? Not sure how people get these very crisp close in images of craters? Any advice would be appreciated.
  16. Braved the cold last night (-6) trying to get afew photos of the gemenids without any luck as the cloud rolled in, but got this one with orion and an aircraft flyby of pollox and castor, thought it looked quite cool! Well least i didnt leave empty handed.
  17. Iv downloaded sharpcap but when i open it comes up with no imaging hardware? I have the meade LPI connected do i need to set it up or should it reconise it automatically?
  18. Hello I was just wandering what people thought of the meade LPI if any one has had one, or has used one previously? I was out this morning trying to image saturn and venus without much sucess. Using it with a 10" scope, its the only webcam imager iv used so iv got nothing to compare it with. Personally i think its c**p, I tried imaging jupiter with it before also got a resonable image but nothing great. Think it might be going on ebay soon! Any coments apprecited.
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