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  1. Got the adapter out this morning, heated up the black part slowly with my girlfriends hair dryer, used the locking ring and screwed another adapter on the end and locked them against each other to get a good purchase on it, then used yellow 'washing dishes' gloves and it poped with a large amount of force on it, thanks for all the advice everyone!
  2. I had rubber gloves on to get a good grip just wouldn't budge. Not sure how much torque the casing will take before it gets damaged?
  3. Hello my atik 314L adapter (male) Is not unscrewing, from the front of the camera, iv tried putting a large amount of force on it and it's not budging, the only way to get a good purchase on it is to hold the red casing, but I'm scared incase the casing seperates from the black part, anyone have any ideas how I can remove it without damaging the camera?
  4. Thanks for the advice I had no idea the dmk cameras were abit dated? the flea 3 looks interesting can you get them in the UK don't see a price anywhere?
  5. Hello i have a DMK 21 firewire mono camera, i want to upgrade as im not keen on firewire as i need my old laptop to use it. I see the DMK 31AU is more expensive but it has a slower frame rate, surely this isnt so good for planetary imaging where i would think the faster frame rate the better. I see that the imaging chip is bigger so would mean a larger field of view. Which camera is better? bigger chip or faster frame rate. Also what other options are there for imaging cameras? im willing to try other cameras doesnt have to be a DMK? Any advice or suggestions are welcome.
  6. So I think my options are the geoptik adapter, the TS filter drawer or the gerd nuemann filter drawer, I have read somewhere that the filters are abit tricky to change in the geoptik adapter as the filter screws in internally, might be better with a drawer, what do you think?
  7. What connection do you need to fit the lens to the filter drawer then? Or is there a lens fitting on the drawer?
  8. Hello iv got a canon 200mm f2.8 lens on its way to me shortly. I'm planning on using it with my Atik 314L+ for wide field imaging, I think the back focus of this lens is 44mm my scopetechniks filter wheel Is 19.5mm wide, would anyone know what adapters etc I might need to connect them to achieve the 44mm distance from lens to the chip on the camera?
  9. Hello im wandering which atik camera is the next one up (Larger sensor) from the Atik 314L+ and how much it costs??
  10. Hello iv recently moved to a small village near perth about 15 mins drive south west, the place im at is nice and dark but there are 2 huge tree directly to the south in my garden making any kind of imaging to the south impossible, does anyone know anywhere near by with good horizons that isnt too busy which would be good for imaging?
  11. Im aware i would need to get an adapter to connect to my filterwheel, my filter wheel is 19.5mm thick does anyone know what the distance from lens to CCD sensor would be?
  12. Thanks for the info Gina would this lens be suitable? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/No-2694-Pentax-67-SMC-Takumar-200mm-F4-F-4-F4-0-F-4-0-w-filter-EC-/271334299720?pt=Camera_Lenses&hash=item3f2cc8d848 How do these lenses perform at F4 or do you need to drop them down a stop or 2? My filterwheel is 19.5mm thick would that fit between lens and atik 314? Also can you relink that rosette neb image the link seems to come back to this page?
  13. What about a zenith star 66 with reducer? I do see a lot of folk using the canon 200mm f2.8 with good results, but that lens is £600....
  14. What about this lens? http://www.rockycameras.com/--200mm-200mm-f4-canon-fd-ssc-prime-tele-lens-2499-52210-p.asp I would be willing to give up speed for a lens that would be the cheaper option, has anyone tired using an FD lens with a CCD? can it even be done? Atik especially?
  15. Any cheaper lenses than the canon 200mm f2.8 about that do a good job?
  16. Thanks for the advice swag, but I simply can't afford a new CCD, I have seen people using a filter drawer system With a camera lens. Think that just provides enough space between the CCD and the lens, I'm just wandering what ls the cheapest lens I could get away with??
  17. Hello iv got an Atik 314L+ which is my first CCD cam and i must say im impressed with its sensitvity, iv only recently just started to take Narrowband images and find the field of view with my ED80 and reducer to be too small, (cant get most of the targets i want onto the chip in one go). I think my options are to use a good quality lens (i know the canon 200mm F2.8 is decent) with the CCD or getting a very short focal lenght scope like a zenithstar 66 and reduce it or buy a CCD with a larger sensor (which will be mega expensive). I dont want to get rid of the Atik yet, what do you think is the better option? Or anyone have a similar experience?
  18. Ison is dead according to the bbc destroyed by the sun, so much for that then!
  19. i agree the Ha one stands out more great image. I tried the trunk a couple of weeks ago but didnt get anywhere near enough imaging time on it.
  20. Great capture, Looks good i agree, hopefully ison will live up to its media hype!
  21. is there a tutorial on this somewhere i think i remember seeing one somewhere?
  22. Looking to upgrade my focuser on my SW 80ED as it seems to annoying move forward when i tighten ithe lock screw with the filter wheel ccd cam etc on it very annoying! Making focus difficult to nail. Any one know the options for upgrading it?
  23. Great advice thanks very much, what is Bahtinov Grabber? I have a Bahtinov Mask.
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