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  1. its only about 1 1/2 to 2 years old its always kept inside, i always charge it the next day after usage. maybe im just not charging it long enough im getting 12V with a multimeter across it after charge i think its should read between 13.5 and 14 volts when fully charged.
  2. Hello iv got a 50A/hour leisure battery, im just wandering if totally draining it and recharging it will be ok, reason being iv had power issues to my camera even when my charger says its fully charged, Also how long do you think is normal for charging it after use my charger says its fully charged after 2-3 hours after iv used it for 5-6 hours after an imaging session. Just seems very quick to me?
  3. Iv just got my widefield imaging set up complete, got an Atik 314L+ with a 200mm lens, im not sure which dovetail plate to get to bolt the lens and finderguider to? iv got a dual mount bar but its abit overkill if you ask me, pretty heavy duty for the job. Iv seen other people bolt it down with plates that then go onto the dovetail? can anyone suggest a suitable one?
  4. Iv just stretched all of them they all have banding.
  5. here is what i was getting. there was no dew on the lens, only cooling the chip to -10 iv had it at -20 for hours before without any problem.
  6. Hello I was out imaging with my atik. 314l+ last night through a SW80ED all was going well until about 90 mins in of 10 min subs the camera then started to output images with thick horizontal bands across it any ideas?
  7. Hello we have amazingly 2 full clear nights on forecast in my area, im just wandering what good narrowband targets are available to image at the moment cant do LRGB due to the bright moon.
  8. Hello has anyone used this lens? If so what have your experiences been?
  9. Sorry it's a 2.5mm extension tube I need, anyone know where I could get one?
  10. Hello i recieved my 2nd filter drawer and EOS adapter the first one was terribly machined and wobbled when screwed togeather, TS service sent me a newly machined one but the spec is different from the one on the website the thread is only 2 mm instead of 4mm. i was going to use a delrin spacer to get the correct distance but now i cant as the thread isn't long enough, i basically now need a 2.5mm spacer can these be bought anywhere?
  11. What size micro focuser do I need for the canon 200mm F2.8 lens I see there are 3 different sizes?
  12. Hello i plan to use a canon 200mm F2.8 lens on my Atik 314L+, how do you stop down the lens from F2.8 when the lens isnt on a camera to control it?
  13. Does the ASI120 have a larger field of view than the DMK 21?
  14. What are peoples thoughts on this software its 15 euros, im assuming you can remove stars with this software, process and stretch the image then add them later to stop the stars bloating when processing the image? http://www.zipproth.com/Straton/
  15. Do you know how to fix it? It detects the camera but says it does not send any video? Tried reseting it, disconnecting power etc but still wouldn't work.
  16. Clear spell last night at last, seeing was awful and haze of high cloud or vapour round jupiter, Taken with C9.25 and RGB filters.
  17. Taken with a C9.25 and dmk which stpped working, bit annoying! About 11 panes.
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