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  1. Do you just need a netbook or laptop to run it?
  2. I Agree with carol, best one iv seen too. stunning image!
  3. that's a great first attempt much better than my go at astro imaging!
  4. I use these http://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/index.php/cat/c107_Photography----General-Accessories.html and this http://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p4511_TS-CCD-Adapter-for-Canon-EOS-lenses-to-T2--only-14-5mm-length-.html allows you to change the filters relatively easy. and your imaging at F2.8 also which is quick.
  5. As stated above why would you want to complicate your setup, what are the advantages of using eqmod??
  6. Excellent image, lovely colours, you should be chuffed with that!
  7. Quickly added colour to this didn't get enough and haven't yet filled in the core properly. About 2 hours of Ha and 15 mins of binned colour 2x2. Still chuffed with so little imaging time on the colour. Is it worth binning the colour 1x1??
  8. Here is my attempt at the Rosette Nebula in Hubble Palette, About 6 hours total, my longest exposure time to date, Ha 2h55m, O3 1h 30m, S2 1h20m. Taken with Atik 314L+ and Canon F2.8 200mm lens. Fairly pleased with the result. Comments and criticisms welcome of course.
  9. Will the iris software do the same job as registar?? I think it's free?
  10. Yes full open at F2.8 the atik 314l+ has a small chip compared to a dslr, but Alot more sensitive.
  11. No Atik 314L+ CCD and f2.8 canon 200mm lens.
  12. Hello Iv tried downloading the evaluation version of registar but i get the following error message any ideas? RegiStar is unable to initialize its evaluation version license manager. Please ensure that RegiStar is run at least once from an administrator account.
  13. Here is my attempt at the horsehead nebula in Ha, taken with Atik 314L+ and 200mm lens. About 3 hours 30 mins exposure time.
  14. About 2 hours on the orion nebula with Atik 314L+ and canon 200mm F2.8 lens. 30 and 60 sec exposures for the core. Full res tiff version below. orion 200mm lens 2H10M Ha final.tif
  15. Good advice, I remember why I went down the refractor route now, lighter and no collimation. Think if I ever have a permanent set up may try a imaging reflector at some point though.
  16. Hi I have a sky watcher 120ed and have been toying with the idea of swapping it for a 8"quatro will a heq5 be for imaging I use a finder guider, what other accessories will I require for imaging? Is an f4 scope easy enough to collimate?
  17. Is there a way of matching the image sizes in Photoshop? I can't afford to buy new software?
  18. Hello Iv recently taken new Ha data with an Atik 314L+ i have about 2 hours worth of data with a modified dslr. How can i combine these?
  19. I have a battery charger that outputs 12v 4amps would this be sufficient to run the atik, all I would need to do is to connect up the terminals to the original cable??
  20. Thanks for the advice and links, I have another question how long a usb cable can I get away with from my netbook to the atik 314l+ and guide camera as I was wanting to try use these inside where it's warm! Will a Iong extension cable on both cause any problems?
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