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  1. This Time-lapse Vid took me 4-5 years on and off to put together. It was shot at 11 different dark sky locations (as i drive to my dark sky site). Ended up with about 80Gb of raw photos in the end! Hope the video quality is ok as when i watch it on other media like FB and Youtube think the compression is quite high so it looses the quality and doesn't look great. Any feedback on how to improve the output quality it is welcome. 


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  2. Hello

    Im going to be moving soon into a new build so looking at house plans etc trying to predict night time light sources, iv got a good decent 10x10 meters garden,  will i be ok with 2 street lights 15 meters away (Pointing so called in the other direction (evil)) to my south or does that make Astrophotography almost impossible? (hoping Narrowband will save me) Iv always driven 1 hour to my dark sky site setup and run with batteries with my Atik 460 and tried not to freeze to death for 5 hours, iv always been limited with my integration time based on how cold i was, id hoped to eventually, by my age build a wee roll off roof place. Can you show me your ideas verses the ****ing lights and light pollution please. Iv never bothered to set up actually in the city as i thought it would be a wasting a clear night. My mount and tripod are always in the car ready for the elusive clear night  Eventually Hopefully, clear skies soon.  Maybe someones been in the same situation recently?


  3. 10 hours ago, Magnum said:

    Sorry if I went off the original topic slightly, my answer to that is I find -10C fine with Sony sensors, though he mentions running off batteries which I wouldn't recommend, you want to be above 12V as low voltage can increase noise,

    Sounds like i'll stick to -10 subs then, getting a abit technical there, but all good advice, Unfortunately I have to run off batteries, if I give up batteries I have to give up astrophotography! Its hard to acquire images from an apartment 3 floors up.  Although I do use a separate 36A/h battery purely for the camera.

  4. Yes I used sharpcap, I took a 1000 frame AVI, and ran it through Autostakkert, I tried to use min Gain to keep the noise down, but maybe I should have raised it up a bit so I could use a quicker frame rate? I didn't run it through any wavelets though? didn't see the option for this in Autostakkert? I just used unsharpmask in PS3. Any ideas what would cause the artefact that Wouter pointed out?

  5. Hi Wouter, criticism is good if it makes you better! The seeing wasn’t to great really. I’m pretty sure the scope was collimatied I put in a 10mm eyepiece and everything looked concentric. Should I be using a Barlow to get better collimation? The focus was the best I could achieve by eye adjusting the focused manually. Im a zwo 120mm , I cant explain what the Artifact is and how it’s shown up? I also shot through a red baader filter. I used autostakkert to stack the images. I had virtually no gain when taking the avi’s and just set the exposure accordingly. 
    any advice welcome. 

  6. This is first light for my new RC6" taken with Atik 460Ex 2 hours each of Ha and Oiii filters, This is the first time iv imaged binning 2x2 to achieve the correct pixel size, the image always seems soft and never in focus although i spent ages on focusing correctly. Is this a consequence of binning 2x2?  

    dumbell bi-colour.jpg

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  7. Evening, i had first light for my new Ioptron 6" RC (from FLO) tonight, thought id go for something that would fill the chip up on my Atik 460EX, can anyone explain what the halo is in the image is it more likely to be a dust bunny in the imaging train or something more serious. Iv only noticed since i stretched the image a wee bit so cant do any tests till i get back out again. its present in all Lum, R,G and B filters so cant be the filters. Also iv been told to bin 2x2 with this set up by the knowledgeable folk on here , is the image soft due to this or is my focus off? used the tool in Artemis to focus so im fairly sure my focus was there or there abouts.?

    m101 halo-.jpg

  8. Not overly happy with this, in trying to keep the stars small they have ended up rather coloured and odd looking. prob better to just try remove them completely. Anyway image data 1 hour of each Ha, oiii and S2 from a dark site with ed80 and Atik 460ex. Any advice how to make my stars better is appreciated.

    Eastern Viel Nebula.jpg

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