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  1. "Deep sky stacker" is quite simple to use. A few mouse clicks and off you go. Including dark frames should help a great deal.
  2. I think that's great for a first attempt. Well done. Stars look nice and round. What gear were you using? Exposure times etc?
  3. Damian I'm really looking forward to viewing some stuff down your scope. Can't wait for those long cold winter nights, but I'm also enjoying the summer. On me hols down in Cornwall. I love it here.
  4. Sorry I missed the meeting. It was a bit chaotic at home getting ready for me holiday. I was gutted I missed it.
  5. Jeremy - I've sent invites out to most of the local societies a few weeks ago. Only heard back from Doncaster.
  6. Sorry Paul - I'm away with work again tuesday and Wednesday so I'll struggle.
  7. Not luck this time. After the other night I decided to use one of those ISS tracker apps. I think there is another good pass tonight and tomorrow night
  8. Fantastic pass of the ISS tonight really bright. Had the family out looking for it. Talking of family, my 10 year old came home from school today saying that the teacher had told them a load of nonsense about the planets. Made me want to scream!
  9. Got me little refractor out tonight. Nice with moon next to Saturn. Keeping an eye out for the ISS at 11
  10. A nice sight last night. I was just admiring the Moon close to Spica with Mars out to the side, then I saw the ISS do a pass. I wasn't expecting that.
  11. Paul - fantastic stuff! It would be great to come and camp up there.
  12. I have a Nikon DSLR. Its a lovely camera for normal use but if you want one to attach to a scope then Canon is your way to go for the free software you can get as Paul said.
  13. Never mind Damian. Sounds like its purely cosmetic and won't affect the end result. It could have been worse.
  14. I've got the hang of getting the planet on the sensor now even at focal lengths of over 5000mm. Just start off at the lowest mag, centre it in the eye piece and then swap to the camera. The planet should be on the sensor or close by. Centre it on the sensor and then put the Barlow in. If it is just off the sensor I find that upping the gain so everything is really bright and/or defocussing helps you work out where it is to nudge it onto the chip. I think the cameras I use have the same chip size as yours.
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