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  1. It's great for a first go! Yes DSLRs aren't the best for planets and Damian is right. Capture as many frames as possible over a 2 to 3 min avi for Jupiter. Stack in regi and use the wavelets.
  2. Kieran - what is the area around the nebula that has less stars? Is it a gas cloud blocking the light?
  3. Sorry I missed the meeting. I'm off on a camping weekend tonight and I had to get sorted for that so ran out of time. I hope you had a good night. Sam
  4. Superb images there Kieran. I really like the variation of the colours of the stars. The nebulosity of the Eagle looks great.
  5. Me too! It was good to see you there Nick. Felt a bit groggy today
  6. Soupy looks fantastic. Well done. I'd love a camping trip up there when you're ready. Nick I'd be happy to drive up there if you wanted to share a car. I have a 5 man tent we could use that has a nice space at the front for storage of gear. I can put the roof box on if we need more space.
  7. Great night tonight with Soupy, Kieran and Damian. Good skies. I saw loads of stuff. Probably the most I've done in one night!
  8. I've had a glass roof put on my conservatory today. It's great. I can see the constellations through it while keeping warm. Going to try see some late Perseids tonight.
  9. Been having a look tonight. No Perseids but I've seen three satellites and I think I just saw my first iridium flare.
  10. There are quite a few tutorials on the web and YouTube on altering the levels and stretching the curve
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