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  1. Thanks chaps. Thats very informative. Polar alignment is still required for tracking on Equatorial GOTO mounts but the Alt/Az GOTO mounts will track an object however there will be rotaional effects after a time. CHeers, Sam
  2. Hello, I was wondering about GOTO mounts and tracking. The question I have is on an equatorial mount with GOTO is polar alignment also still necessary for tracking of objects - in addition to the alignment procedures in the mount? Also - on alt/Az mounts for example on the celestron Nexstar 8SE - do these track objects without polar alignment? Cheers, Sam
  3. Hello - I have been doing some planetary imaging using a CCD and my current scope. Grabbing 3 min avis and then stacking in registax. I was considering buying the Celestron Nexstar 8SE scope but have read about issues with imaging and long exposures from rotational effects due to the alt/Az mount. The question I have is would these issues impact on the type of planetary imaging I am doing or does it just impact long exposure DSO imaging? Thanks, Sam
  4. Thanks Keith for the input. I do a bit of planetary imaging using a CCD on my current scope. Taking 3 min avis and then stacking. Will this be do-able on the 8SE? or does the Alt/Az mount make this tricky? Cheers, Sam
  5. Hello - I have been looking at these two telescopes and wondering what the advtages and disadvantages of each would be. I presume the OTA is virtually the same and understand the equatorial mount of the C8 would be better suited for imaging at long exposures. Are there any other differences? What about the software? Set up times? Thanks for your help, Sam
  6. Thanks Peter - would the higher frame rate lead to better quality images? I have attached recent images I have got using the SPC900NC. Woukd the DFK improve on this?
  7. Hello - I have been trying some planetary imaging using the SPC900NC camera with my 8" reflector and getting some OK results. I was thinking about upgrading to a DFK 21AU04.AS. Will I be able to achieve better results using the DFK 21AU04.AS? Thanks, Sam
  8. Hello - thanks for all the comments. I never expected such a great response! I showed the comments to Poppy and she was really pleased! I think we'll try for Saturn next. Just before Xmas I dragged Poppy and her older sister Alice out of bed at 6:00am to look at Saturn. It was a bit cold for them in their pyjamas in the snow! Cheers, Sam
  9. Hello, I thought I would show you my daughter Poppy's painting of Jupiter. She is 7 years old and developing a very keen interest in the planets. Cheers, Sam
  10. Thanks. I just got rid of that blue tinge using the RGB align. The more I use Registax the more I realise how powereful it is. The effect of those sliders is amazing. I don't know how they work or what they do but they have an amazing effect. They seem to produce detail out of nothing. When I used them in the past they didn't work - I think that was becuase I didn't have enough frames - i was only able to capture the drift of the planet across the CCD. Now I can get 3 min video files they seem to work. I need to put some time into understanding Registax more!
  11. Thanks Paraman. Thats really helpful and encouraging you were able to make a good improvment. I have been out tonight again and captured some more 3 minute avi's. The seeing was better tonight. I did a quick process and Registax and this time when I moved the sliders #2 and #3 it produced the image attached. Thanks for your help. I'll try with the tutorial and see what happens. Sam
  12. Hello, I've been having a go at imaging jupiter over the last few months. I have attached typical results but the problem I'm having is I'm struggling to improve on this. I would be interested to know if with the scope/camera I have whether this would be what I should expect to achieve or if you think I should be able to get more detail. Equipment/settings: 8 inch Skywatcher Explorer 200P Newtonian 2x or 3x Barlow (image from each attached) No filters. SPC900NC webcam Sharpcap software 640x480 resolution. 10fps Capture approx 3 min avis (using an RA motor drive on EQ5 mount). Stack in Registax using anything from 300 to 1000 images. Any advice would be appreciated Cheers, Sam
  13. Hello everyone - this is my first post on SGL. I just took this tonight. I'm new to astronomy and imaging so I'm quite happy with this one. I was using an 8" skywatcher explorer with an SPC9000NC webcam. Cheers, Sam
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