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  1. Hello everyone - whats happening with the Todmorden visit? Who is going up?
  2. A while ago a friend of mine sorted me out tickets to attend a lecture by Jim Lovell in pontefract in a couple of weeks. I just read that apparently Brian Cox will host a Q&A after the lecture!
  3. Your images look great Vicky. I agree with Damian the colour is very natural looking and close to what I could see stood on the patio.
  4. Strewth Vicky! You've got a right lot of gear now! I can see it all in your sig. Is that why it's so cloudy?
  5. Blimey! I can't keep up with this thread! I'm going to have to try keep up as I'm up for a Winscar night now the skies are getting darker.
  6. Excellent stuff! I went up to Sutton Bank with the family as Lorraine was a bit put off by the prospect of the midges as she's usually a magnet for them. It was like Picadilly Circus in the car park. Very busy. A bit of a party atmosphere. Music playing, people layed on car roofs - and no respect for dark adapted eyes! Torches everywhere - car headlights! was still nice and dark though with the Milky Way clearly visible. Saw some great Perseids though - including a great one at about 12:25 I just missed that everyone else saw - I only know it must have been great as the trail lasted for about 5 seconds. I think it must have been the one Vicky mentioned above.
  7. My scope has the same tube as the 8se and they are great for planetary stuff. I've heard the tube is a bit on the heavy side for the one-sided 8se mount so it might not be as stable as could be. I've used GOTO on skywatcher mounts and Celestron and I prefer the Celestron software - I think its easier to use and there is skyalign where you just align against three bright objects. If you're lazy like me thats great but if you want to learn the skies its not the best - especially as you can't manually star hop If in the long-term your aim in deep sky photography then the AZ mounts are no good. Fine for taking images of planets and the moon though.
  8. Hope it's clear up at Winscar for anyone venturing up there. Met Office has it as partially cloudy.
  9. Excellent Eric. It'll be good to see you in September. Don't worry about being a beginner. Everyone is learning. That's a great observing session! Saw some great stuff there.
  10. Thanks for the PM Damian. I'll keep an eye on the forecasts. Its shifting a bit. I'll see whats going to be the best bet between Winscar and Sutton Bank. Currently looking like Winscar will be clearer tomorrow night. Sam
  11. Brilliant report Damian! I'm planning on popping up to Sutton Bank tomorrow night with the family as we went there a couple of years ago and everyone really enjoyed it. I think its a little-bit darker than Winscarr but from what I remember from the Car Park we were in is that the horizons are obscured by high trees to one side. Its a bit further to drive though. At the moment its forecasting clear for tomorrow night! Is anyone going to Winscarr tomorrow night? Sam
  12. We've got a brief mention in the Wakefield Express..... I was expecting a little more considering the write up I gave them, but at least we're in there. Sam
  13. Great night tonight. Really enjoyed it. Fantastic talk from Jerry!
  14. Great show Paul ! I enjoyed it. Thought the astro bits were great. Nice houses.
  15. Sounds like you had a brilliant time at Soupy's place! I hope you got the BBQ going without me!
  16. Had some great views of the sun today with the WADAS solar scope. Really good. Far better than white light. Prominences, filaments, granulation, sun spots. Bit tricky to use on a camera tripod mount. I found you have to move the image around to be able to see detail on different parts of the disc. There's also a bit of a viewing sweet spot.
  17. Sam - DSLRs are no good for planetary imaging. I have a £30 spc900nc webcam that will produce better results.
  18. I think that's what about I paid. Monochrome though so you'll need to fork out for filter wheels etc for colour. The planetary images in the link in my signature were taken with an imaging source camera and an 8" scope. I quite like them but a lot of people are now favouring the ZWO cameras as I think you get 120 fps compared to a max of 60 with an imaging source. What camera are you using at the moment? Buying an expensive planetary camera won't automatically get you great images unless you get the process right of getting good focus, capturing a 2-3 min avi and then processing correctly.
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