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  1. Managed to see Panstars for the first time tonight. Weather and cloud has stopped any chance of seeing it until tonight. Finally managed to get a view for about 15 minutes between the cloud breaks. Very nice view and looks great. Using bino's 15X70 on a tripod. Must try to get the scope set up and camrea again before it goes.
  2. RIP Sir patrick and thank you.
  3. After about 30 exposures this is the only one I manages to get. Wide field with a canon 20d 18 mm wide ange f3.5 30 seconds at 1600 ASA not good but has it there just on the mid right. Not too many about on the night. I missed about 6 while the 30 second frame was saving !!!! Peter
  4. Thanks John, the only one I can see that may fit is the Bader unit but at 72 Euros is a little to much. I will keep looking and may be consider a whole new focuser with 10:1 crayford and compression fitting. Thanks, Peter
  5. I have a Sky watcher 80 ED pro (gold series) which has the original crayford focuser with the black 2 inch holder which has two thumb screws in it I would like to replace it with a compression type but am unable to find a suplier who has a unit that will fit on the draw tube on the sky watcher. Does any one know of a unit or suplier that will fit. many thanks, Peter
  6. PeterN

    Tal Photo's

    A few photo's of the equipment. Plus astro photo's taken with the Tal 200k
  7. Hi Luke, Great set of pictures. I put a pile of stuff in the boot of the car to bring to work and when I got here at 8 AM the sky was covered. My platform on the roof faces East with no obstuctions so stood there for 45 mins waiting for the clouds to clear but no luck over here at Great Yarmouth, Sky finally cleared about 10 AM PS the TAL is going great thanks, Peter.
  8. Nice bargin on the bins blc = (Carl Zeiss) Jena. Issued to the German milatary in WW2. If they were issued to the Kriegsmarine they normally had an Eagle and an "M" on them. I have seen those sell for around £1500 in the past !!!! Peter
  9. My first 200K was a 2001 (F/10) model which had the metal cover on the secondary and came with rings with a handle fitted to them. I regreted selling it after about 4 weeks after it had gone !!!. After that I went out and found an Intes Micro M603 (6 inch)which is also an F/10 scope but does have the SCT fitting on the rear and now has a crayford 10:1 focuser on it. This is a very nice scope but I kept thinking of the 200K so when one came up local to me I knew I had to get it. This latest one is a 2004 model which is an F/10 but has the plastic cover on the secondary. I have had little time to play with it but from what I can remember of the old one it is just as good. I want to do a comparrison with the Intes as soon as I get a good clear night and can set them both up. Will get some details here when I've done it. Peter
  10. Gives a new meaning to "putting the scopes to bed " Nice one and a great collection. Pete
  11. Took advantage of FLO's deal on a set of Celestron SkyMaster 15 x 70 bins yesterday and what service !!!! Ordered at 13:15 yesterday (Thursday) and arrived today(Friday) at lunch time. Extremly well packed & secure. Devon to Norfolk in less than a day. Great service. Well done FLO. Now can you arrange for a clear sky please.
  12. Hi All, Just found this thread and thought this link may help anyone getting an interest in Radio Astronomy. I have a copy of the Radio Astronomy book on the RSGB site and is well worth a read if you have an interest. Radio Society of Great Britain Space & Satellites BR, Peter
  13. Thank to Luke for this new bit of Kit. Collected it this morning. I had a Tal 200K some years ago and have just replaced it today with another. Now I just need to wait for the clouds to part for a while. Did hope for a first and have it on the pier tonight but the clouds and showers have rolled in since dark !!!! So it's just down to the waiting game again. BR, Peter
  14. Snaped this tonight when I got home from work. Hand held cannon 20D 60th.sec at f5.6 asa 400. Sorry about the small size . Peter.
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