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  1. How about set it low and use a little stool. That's what I do.
  2. never mind. got it sorted in K3CCD, I was using the wrong macro.
  3. flashed mine and set to RAW B/W, but that seemed to limit me to really low resolutions. 320x240 anything higher and the image was horrendous. real flickery and grainy. I was using sharpcap and also tried K3CCD. both were the same. Does anyone know if that's software related or simply due to the low power netbook I'm using them on?
  4. Thanks a lot. I figured there was no point if it was just to make it work on Win7, but if there were any other benefits I'd flash it right away
  5. I can't see this answered, but is there any point in flashing them if you're just using XP anyway? Is it more for compatibility or does it unlock anything?
  6. nice one and lucky you for having clear skies!
  7. The hose would come from the compressor I use for airbrushing & air-powered tattooing, and I use 3 moisture traps so should be fine, but I'm still wary about doing anything with the primary after my disastrous attempts at collimating an old scope!
  8. Hello and welcome. I use SkySafari Lite on the iphone.. you should be able to get it on the ipod too I think. I use it along side another app called angle and find that with both I can find anything I'm looking for
  9. Nice scope. And welcome to the forum
  10. SkEye sounds good. Unfortunately I also have a wildfire.
  11. I've noticed a couple of big bits of dust on the primary of my dob. You could see them clearly in my photos of the sun and full moon. I was thinking of lowering an air hose down scope to try clear it. Suppose that's the best way.
  12. I've never seen the moon using a moon filter. I agree with Moonshane, you get used to the brightness. I did think about using Quality Street wrappers, old red/blue 3D glasses or sunglasses though. lol.
  13. Hello and welcome. I'm not far from hull. But just far enough ;p
  14. did have them on DVD years a go. but have series linked this.. thanks for the heads up
  15. nice image. better than my attempts with my DSLR. I might have to invest in a little webcam.
  16. me too. I try to do that stick them on your forehead thing but it never works for me and any higher they get tangled in my dreads! to I just take em off and put them in my pocket.
  17. Hello and welcome. Quite a few of us are from round yorkshire it seems
  18. johnnychaos


    welcome to the forum dude
  19. Hellooooo and welcome to the forum
  20. impressive. don't think I've ever even seen that before!
  21. I think it's a good thing. my pics are very basic, more a record of what I've seen, but it's helped hold my interest over the last few years, were as just observing might not have. They have also in turn sparked the interest in others to get their own scope. Although I agree there is nothing like looking at it your self. I don't see a problem with novices coming to this with a view to imaging straight off.
  22. Nice.. will try and check it out tonight. Almost got the scope out to have a look last night, but I didn't have much time.
  23. very nice. are these the sort of views you get when looking through the scope as well?
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