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  1. Thanks again. Good to know the z114 is fully collumatable and has less obstruction. Would a home made collumation cap do? That's what I use for my dob. I have 10mm celestron ep that came with 60 mm astromaster LT I could lend him but I think it may be a kelner. I thought of suggesting a 7 to 21mm zoom for warmer nights. Would a 2x barlow be best? He could even unscrew barlow lens and use it on the zoom to make 4.66 to 14 mm equivalent.
  2. Thank you very much everyone for your experienced input. I've already recommended the z114. Good all round scope. Best to recommend scope that also emphasizes wider views. He lives in very dark skies, so I think 100 plus DSO targets rather than just 6 planetary and lunar targets are important to impress on a young potential future astronomer. Planets are cool, but there's much more out there! As for planetary views this will be fine at 100 mag, very comprable to intro 80mm long refractor. Eventually, I could lend him my 76mm vintage tasco if he's serious about plantary. I used to get great views of jupiter. Again, thank you all for your input, but quite overwhelming, since this is my first experience on sl. Its proper ettiquete to end thread?
  3. Thanks again every one. Would a table top zhummel in the 100 to 130mm range compare in quality? It would be more in the $200Can range. It's dso as far as I know, just like skywatcher.
  4. Thanks for you input. I originally considered a zhummel 130 table top for myself when I bought the skywatcher. However I thought a young teen may be better off with a refractor, much less fuss. Though a short scope also has its pitfalls.
  5. Hi, I have just begun my astronomy journey after a decade long break. Finally bought my childhood dream scope a f5.9 8" dob after giving up on my classic '69 tasco 76mm 1200m due to problems with the mount. I recently acquired a ? Early 70s tasco 60mm 700mm and converted it to 1.25" (huge headache, had to cut 35mm off ota to accommodate .965 adapter and shorter mirror diagonal.) Now a colleague has asked my advise on which scope to get her son for Xmas, under $200can. I'm leaning toward suggesting a 80mm short scope 400mm or so. Thought the powerseeker azs would be good start except I'm not sure if it would satisfy a 13 yr olds planetary expectations. I was looking at several travel scopes too, zhummel, svbony, celestron 70 to 80mm but I wasn't sure camera tripod would hold up. I'd appreciate any suggestions. Thanks hugo
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