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  1. What I would do is tap the top out and then find someone near you with a large enough lathe to machine the hole to the required diameter, and then tap the top back in.
  2. Thanks Alan, I just love tinkering in the shed it's very therapeutic.
  3. All belted up. Next step the controller.
  4. I've always used red dot finders, on my dobs I've had the telrad and on the refractors the Baader Sky surfer V. They now sell a night and day variety but even the night time one still works in the day but the smallest red dot is very hard to see in the daytime. https://www.baader-planetarium.com/en/baader-sky-surfer-v-red-dot-finder.html The smallest setting is pretty small I could not tell you how small but it's a very small pin prick of light about the same width as a small star. As for quality you pay more you get better quality, I've always used Baader as the quality is excellent.
  5. There is nothing like making your own mount it's extremely satisfying. I have made two Alt/AZ mounts one a clone of the DM6 and the other a clone of the panther mount both work extremely well. I'll look forward to following this thread ad hope everything goes well. If you can take a 1/4" cut in steel you are doing really well, my Myford struggles doing that, in aluminium it's pretty easy but not in steel.
  6. Today I made the plate and bracket to hold the Nema23 Declination motor and pulleys. The motor is the same as the RA one being a 2.8 amp, 1.26Nm, 2.5v, and 0.9° step angle type. Just like the RA motor the Dec motor requires a 105 tooth GT2 belt. The DEC housing drilled tapped perfectly this time so there was no need to make a copy out of aluminium like I did on the RA housing.
  7. Yes in theory, the item above is for EQ mounts but they do make and other firms make. one that works in EQ and ALT/AZ format.
  8. Yes John it will slew at any speed and track the stars. It's going to be connected too one of these: https://astro-gadget.net/gadgets/control-of-telescopes/eqpower
  9. I thought I would update my work on the Fullerscope Mount. While trying to attach a plate to the bottom of the RA worm housing the metal on the original just gave way, it was very soft and just crumbled away so I decided to remake the worm housing with a bronze bush. I then designed a plate to house the stepper motor and attached it to the bottom of the new worm housing. The stepper motos are nema23, 0.9° step, 1.26Nm, 2.8 amp. I then added GT2 pulleys and installed the wiring inside a nema 23 back panel via a cable gland. My next job is to do the whole lot again on the Dec axis, not sure if I should make a new worm housing to match. I'll see when I start drilling and taping the old one. The metal these one fullerscopes are made out of is not very strong and threads easily strip. New worm housing made Attached to new base plate Stepper motor attached With back panel fitted Fitted to the Fullerscope IV Mount. The flex will be connected to a EQStar Control Box. Counting the teeth, I need a 105 toothed belt to complete Video
  10. Sissy Haas book on double stars is excellent.
  11. Nice report John. My 120ED Esprit can also see the mag 13 star just outside M57 but it can be difficult and looking back at my notes it normally says with "averted vision". I think your skies are better then mine as I cannot see as low as 5.5 mag as a limiting magnitude I would estimate nottingham is about mag 4.6. A nice read thankyou for posting.
  12. Nice one Dave. I think it's the safest way to go. How long do they take to arrive from the Ukraine? Are you using those stepper motors we talked about or are you going with one with larger amps as this one can take up to 4 amps. I would imagine I'll get this kit as well, let me know how you get on.
  13. I visited the shop at least three times, I was only young maybe 15 years old and all I did was wander round the maze of shelves gazing at the monster scopes saying that one day I will own a Fullerscope IV mount and a 6" F15 refractor. I'm part way there with the IV mount I recently bought
  14. Cheapest is not always the best Dave, Onstep is the most expensive if I remember correctly. Both Eqdrive and Eqstar both make kits for large Eq mounts that can hold between 40-60 Kg which you will need I presume.
  15. Nice one Dave, I have just bought one as well there is a thread in the DIY section. Mine came with a really old gearbox and motor set up, which was way past it's sell by date, so I scrapped it. What I'm going to do with mine is fit stepper motors and a kit from a manufacturer like Onstep, EqDrive, or EqStar. http://instein.eu/onstep.htm http://astroproservice.com/index.php/product-category/telescope-control-systems/ https://astro-gadget.net/gadgets/category/control-of-telescopes/eq-control Looking at your mount it would be very easy to do as you have all the brackets and pulleys there already. I've also noticed that your brass gears and worms have been removed and new ones fitted to a different position.
  16. Coming from you Mike a man who knows class equipment it's a wonderful compliment.
  17. That's a lovely scope Dave and a great name for her as well. I have thought about a pier but the garden layout doesn't really lend itself to one but you never know one day I might persuade the other half I need one.
  18. Yeah a little overkill One day I'll invest in a 6" F15 to make the mount sweat a bit.
  19. I'm so pleased you took the plunge and done this. It's not that hard if you take it step by step and fully prepare yourself with the right kit. Well done that man
  20. A few photos for you to look at. The bottom of the box is not done yet it's basically just boxes but one day I'll get foam cut for the diagonals, finder, dew controller/bands etc. The holes that are empty in the eyepiece tray are for eyepieces yet to get in the set. So far I have 4,6,8,10,12,16,20,25,30,40, and 55mm. I still need 3,5,35,45,65, and 75mm so I need 6 more but they are the expensive ones and very hard to find. Last photo shows the eyepieces. The first photo shows the Clave 80/1208 refractor on top of a Fullerscope IV mount.
  21. I bought this from e-bay last year. In the tray I have drilled holes for my Clave eyepieces and in the bottom fits all my astro gear. There is room for my filters, battery, two diagonals, finder, tools, dew controller and bands. So all I need to do is remember one box when I go out to the darksite.
  22. It all depends on how much the original owner will let you have it for. I tend to agree with Dave it's worth about £100 in this state. If you can get it for that type of figure keep it and over the time learn to strip it down and restore it, think of it as a long term project, I have loads of these, keeps you busy.
  23. If I recall correctly as it was 15 days ago the seeing was not that great, a little hazy, but it would only have been about 21.45 when I looked at Izar so not properly dark.
  24. The gears are excellent and I would say very concentric. I've managed to get the backlash out of the RA but there is still a very small bit in DEC but I'll concentrate on that a later date. Thanks for the info Peter, did you know Ernie or Rob or even the main man Dudley?
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