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  1. I have decided to add manual setting circles to my DocMount and RocketMount. This thread is about the DIY dials I'm adding to the DocMount which is a DM6 clone.

    I've added a few photos as they describe the process better then words.







    This dial is then machined to fit around the UHWPE bearings.




    Once fitted it looks like this.




    A = The pointer which will be scribed this does not move and is fixed.

    B = This dial moves 360° and will be scribed 0° to 360°

    C = This is a locking screw once tightened it will lock B to the plate connected to the dovetail


    Finished article




    Now the maths:


    Setting circle dial is 132mm in diameter.


    So Pi (3.141) x D 


    3.141 x 132 = 414.612


    414.612 divided by 360° = 1.151


    So am I correct in saying there is a gap of 1.151 between each division.


    Is this a division in degrees or millimetres?


    Also does anyone know a UK company that can laser print, or laser engrave degree circles so it looks similar to this


    machine dial



  2. I have been restoring my Fullerscope IV for a while now and have totally striped it down and added new motors, I just need to add a control board now to drive it. In my opinion it's a bit agricultural compared to the newer mounts, it takes a long time to set up the worm to wormwheel backlash adjustment, but on the other hand it does feel solid and takes a lot of weight.

    Here is a video of mine.



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  3. 1 hour ago, Marvin Jenkins said:

    That’s nice. I have very little experience and would love compare old kit to new just to see if we have really improved like the advertisements say.


    Well I used to have a complete set of Televue Delos and a 31mm Nagler and I actually prefer the Clave's. They do have a few shortcomings such as fov and eye relief but then they are sharper on axis and show more colour. Most of my viewing is in the centre as I'm always nudging my scope.

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  4. 18 minutes ago, Seelive said:

    Just out of interest, where did you purchase yours? When I bought mine they seemed to be as rare as rocking horse s**t, I finally got them through Beacon Hill Telescopes in Cleethorpes.

    And are they sat on a copy of Tirion's Sky Atlas 2000? Looks like my 1982 edition 

    I've collected these over a few years. Mine are from various private buyers a few from France and one from Italy.

    They are rare and very hard to find.

    You can see the 8mm, 10mm and 12mm are side marked so they are 1 of 150 made with side markings.

    I still have the 3mm, 5mm, 35mm, 45mm, 65mm, and 75mm to find then I've completed the whole set.

    I'll 80 years old before I finish it at this rate.

    And yes it's the Sky Atlas 2000 but not sure of the date.




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  5. When I used to own a 16" Lightbridge I often tried to find this group. It was right on the edge of what I could see in the lightbridge so if I was successful I knew it was a good night. I could split the group into three but it was tough and normally just a smudge until you spent a long time just staring at it and then on those fleeting seconds of good seeing you could split them, it was challenging to say the least.

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  6. Done some more to the Fullerscope mount last week. I tried to blend the old paint with the new paint and to be honest it was a difficult job. In the end I mainly just painted most of the mount, to get a good finish on wrinkle paint I found you had to warm up the mount with a heat gun first and then apply two heavy coats. Then gently warm the paint until it cures and leaves a wrinkle finish.

    I replace the wood riser with metal columns as the wood began to bow. 

    All that is left is a polar bracket/scope which I have designed but needs building and to get a control box to run the motors from via CduC.

    The mount is rock steady with the 120ED Esprit on board there is no dampning down time at all.

    Here is some photos.


    Fullerscope IV Mount - Michael Bird


    Fullerscope IV Mount - Michael Bird


    Fullerscope IV Mount - Michael Bird


    Fullerscope IV Mount - Michael Bird


    Fullerscope IV Mount - Michael Bird


    Fullerscope IV Mount - Michael Bird




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