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  1. Thanks for the info Steve and Martyn. I agree it's not very dark but it ticks alot of boxes and as we have found nothing else I think for just £25 each for the year it's worth it. It will be great to be able to meet up annd look through other peoples scopes and not feel threatened or be disturbed.

    As for specifying which scopes John I think Noel will look into this.

  2. It's more complicated then that. I had lots of hedges and tree roots. I relayed a message via someone else to tell the digger man to only remove certain hedges and roots and leave the ones that go under next doors drive but this message never got through and he ripped everything up. Of course the roots that run under nextdoors drive made his drive sag and that now needs fixing. The digger man says he only done what he was told so dosen't want to get involved.

    Which leaves mme in the middle to pick up the pieces.

  3. Great words and you have described exactly how I feel. I have never met any of you but will soon at the Saliabury starparty but yourself and every other member of SGL have made me feel extremely welcome.

    There's times when my wife thinks I'm married to SGL instead of her but I wouldn't have it any other way.



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