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  1. Sorry for the delay in responding to you all .... No I have not thought of compatibility mode! I have used it in the past for AIP4WIN which also struggles with Win 8.1 I will try it when I have time .... So much to do ..... So little time! Regards James
  2. Hi Mariusz I already have those drivers installed to run my Philips SPC900 webcam so I am part way there! The SPC900 runs ok on Win 8 with those drivers and I use a version of the SharpCap imaging software that the author has customised for the SPC900 webcam. But when I plug in the NextImage camera Win 8 did not see it? Thanks for your help .... If I mange to solve the issue I will update this post. Cheers James
  3. Hi All Its been a coons age since visting the forum so forgive me if I am in the wrong place for this old chestnut .... I have read what old posts I could find on the above issue but in the end thought it would be easier to create a new topic on it. Chastise me out if I am breaking any rules! I have a new Windows 8 laptop. I am usually a MacBook Pro user BUT as most of my astronomy software runs on Windows ..... You know the story. I have an old Celestron NextImage Solar System Imager (Circa 2009) I had it running ok on my old Windows machine using Drivers for Windows 7 but of course there do not appear to be any drivers for Win 8 Celestron do not appear to want to create drivers for Win 8 ...... So does anyone have the latest on whether there is any way to continue using the NextImage on Win 8 ? Glad for any info Regards JamesT
  4. Hi All Just ordered this solar filter for my Ikharus. Thought it might give me more options when there are cloudy nights! Astro Engineering Sol-Vu safe solar observing filters for most telescopes Ordered the 119 to 130mm one as od of dew shield is 124mm James
  5. I have the Ikharus. Unfortunately so far I have only taken photo of neighbours chimney to test out with Canon EOS 500D attached. Still waiting for darker nights to get into imaging properly. I did view the moon during the day once but it was a tad misty so not really able to comment properly. Photos of Ikharus attached to my CG-5 mount for those interested. James
  6. My webcam is 1.25" Thanks for heads up! James
  7. Thanks Rich I will check that. I also use an SPC900 webcam modified for long exposure & Amp off. Is this compatible with the field flattener ? James
  8. Hi Rich Thanks for info .... I did wonder who the manufacturer of the Ikharus was. I have a red dot finder on my 90mm Mak-Cass which fits the Bader fixture supplied by Ian. I have a Canon EOS 500D camera which I intend to use but it is un-modified for astro photography. I also have the BackyardEOS imaging software which I am playing with. James
  9. OK -- The penny dropped with a clang! The field flattener replaces the 2" to 1.25" eyepiece adapter and the Camera T ring screws to the field flattener so the camera can attach! Obvious when I sat back and thought about it! I just need to discover the thread size in the pair of holes on the focusser to attach the bader finder bracket for my red spot finder ...... Phew! James
  10. Hi I have just purchased an IKHARUS from Ian King. Excuse my ignorance but I cannot see how the field flattener attaches to the scope. I am presuming the flattener is the 2" connecter tube thingy with the lens in it. It is not obvious to me where it goes? The scope arrived with the 2" to 1.25" adapter fitted. Also a minor point but mine did not include a finder bracket so Ian supplied me with a Bader bracket which comes with one central countersunk screw and two slots either side for other fixing screws. Unfortunately the provided screw does not fit any threaded holes in the focuser or rings. Sorry if these are basic questions but any advice would be appreciated. REALLY nice feel and look to the the scope tho' ..... James
  11. I have fitted one of these to my Celestron C10-NGT Newtonian and it gives me all the inwards travel for attaching my Canon EOS 500D camera for prime focus Astro Photography. p.s. I do have to use an additional extender tube for visual observing even with drawtube extended there is not quite enough extension to get focus with an eyepiece otherwise but this is not a problem. I did need the low profile focuser to do AP Rgds James
  12. Bit late in posting this photo of me and my Celestron C10-NGT but ..... Also thought you might like close-up of my new Low Profile Crayford focuser and Celestron 8-24mm Zoom eyepiece
  13. Hi All Just joined today. I am interested in astronomy and belong to a local astronomical society in East Sussex UK JamesT
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