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  1. It'd be good if they are I'm not sure how 'technical' they are though. I mean , I understand when they say how many light years across say the andromeda galaxy is, for him, he hasn't a clue, he just really wants to look at the stars and the planets and the moon if you get me
  2. Thanks Alan, I've found an email for the guy who runs it so might send one off to him
  3. Thanks, i looked on what's available in my area, but my 6 yr old is really interested in stargazing too. I'm not sure if I'm able to take him with me. I know there is a group that meets in Preston at the observatory at Moor Park, but I feel a bit shy just walking in, hardly knowing a thing
  4. That hurt my eyes! Can we see that canis major from here? (if i've said it right?) ill check back tomorrow - i need to go sleep! night!
  5. thanks will check now! and then i WILL go to bed! (been browing the 'other' imaging category!)
  6. Ah see now I looked at telescopes, but I was so confused with refractors and whatever dobs are etc. I'll stick with the binos for a little bit I think. Maybe try and find someone with a scope to have a look through.
  7. I'll have to search for that - thanks. I've just been out again and refined my binos (found a focus bit of it *blush*) and yep def seen the nebula (or the 2 stars and fuzzyness bit of it) and also looked at pleides again. Next stop (not tonight I'm freezing and I have school run tomorrow), but, next stop Andromeda (hoepfully!)
  8. Thanks guys! Yes it does sound like I found orion's nebula then. I was pretty sure I know the area where it was, in the sword that dropped down from his belt, but looking through the bino's it all looks very different (how many more stars do you see!), and so I wasn't sure what I should have been seeing exactly. Before I started I always thought of the Sun being the biggest thing in space. It's amazing at how small our star really is. I had no idea that one star in the sky could be so big compared to our Sun.
  9. and wow. I posted before Christmas how new I was to all of this, and I got some books for Christmas and I borrowed some bino's from my Grandad, and I managed to go outside (actually sat on a chair just inside my front door), and had a look at the sky. I studied a bit of the sky and I hadn't used bino's before and had no idea what to expect to see. I'm pretty blow away. I found orion first and had a nosy at betelgeuse, then taurus (is the fact top left star a red giant too? it had a hint of red/orange about it?), and then across to pleides. wow! I mean I've seen pictures of it before, but it really doesn't prepare you for actually seeing it with your own eyes! Then I had a look for the orion nebula (in between cloud cover that thankfully was in large areas at a time but cleared quickly), and I read up a bit on how to find the nebula. Now, I'm not sure I'm right, but where it says to find it, I saw two stars very close together and it was very fuzzy around it. Is this the nebula? I am really pleased with how my first time stargazing went. And I'm sorry that I'm getting excited over something so obvious, but I really have had no experience and I am amazed. Especially as I was freezing, was sat inside my house at my doorway, and have an annoying streetlight just off to the side! I'm slowly adding more constellations I can spot myself to the list, so I'm getting more and more hooked!
  10. wow thanks everyone! I've been without the net for a few days so lovely to see all the messages! I've had clouds all over the place! Last night was clear and I spent about 10 mins outside looking up after work, but it's just freezing out there!!
  11. That's great thanks! I just wanted an idea of what I was supposed to be seeing!
  12. Hi, sorry newb question here I've been looking through the pictures, and I'm wondering at what level will I actually see Jupiter just with a pair of binoculars. Will it look like the pictures of Jupiter you see, or will it just be a bigger bright star (as it looks with the naked eye)
  13. Hi, I just joined too and I'm in Preston too!
  14. thanks! polar bear - I apologise, I didn't see you say you were from chorley! Thats a few of us from the Preston area! I went out earlier but it was cloudy so I'll head back out later before bed
  15. Thanks! I'm falling in love already, just from seeing the constellations!
  16. Oh! I thought the stellarium was just an iphone app!
  17. Ah I see. Thanks for that. The ones I have are 12x50mm. What will I likely get with those?
  18. Thanks for all the warm welcomes robbieince - you are close - I'm in Fulwood I can bet I will be spending some money soon. I think I may have been bitten by the bug, and at least, if I haven't then my son has! We walked to get the binocular's and he was counting all the stars, and my Grandad gave him a pair of small light ones that his great great grandad bought for his great grandad! Family heirloom I think! And the pair I've borrowed are almost 50 years old! So yeah, there is some numbers on them for magnification, 50mm on the big ones and 30mm on the small ones (8x30 i think?) will have to check. So it doesn't mean anything to me! It's so cold out here tonight, that I don't think we'll be out long!
  19. Ah need to update my iphone to get that stella app. Will have a look at that tomorrow
  20. Thanks very much Paxo I saw the Stellarium mentioned in quite a few places round the forum and I was about to have a hunt at what exactly it was! I'm not sure on the quality of the binoculars. They are old, I remember using them 20+ years ago, and I know they are heavy! Thanks for the heads up on what to have a look for! Claire
  21. Hey everyone. I stumbled across your site when I was looking for a UK based forum. I'm really really new to the whole astronomy world. As in I've literally started to learn the constellations and some of the locations of the planets (thanks to my iphone app ) From as young as I remember, I was always looking up at the moon and the stars and being enthralled by it. And now my 6 year old is starting to become fascinated as well! I started to look into it more after spending hours outside with him when we had the 'shooting stars' (sorry like I say, I don't know all the true names for things). And we found Jupiter too. I'm so new, I haven't even looked at the skies through a telescope or binoculars! Although, I am borrowing my Grandad's binoculars tonight. I'm not sure if this is the forum to go for a pretty much absolute beginner like I am, but even if it's not, I've already browsed through some of the pictures you guys have taken and I am blown away by them! So if there is an absolute beginner forum, then please point me in the direction! I've already read the 'beginner' sticky which takes you to the article by the Sky and Telescope editor guy, (hence me getting the idea to borrow the binoculars tonight!) My main aim at the moment is just to look at the moon, some planets if possible, and to get to know the names and be able to spot and name constellations and individual stars. Claire
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