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  1. David thank you so much for spending the time to write that for me. It's a HUGE help! I will get on the computer later this evening and compare all that you suggested and see if I can find threads and pictures and more write ups / reviews of them. I really appreciate it. It's made things so much clearer understanding this
  2. Nope not considering photography, apart from maybe a quick snapshot. I see some scopes have a direct slr connection? That link didn't work but I will have a search on the flo website do that type thanks. I'm not sure what you mean by an equatorial mount! But again will look
  3. Hmm. Well, my son is 8 (although I also have a 5 and 4 year old who love looking at the moon and Jupiter). We really want to be able to work down the messier list and tick them off. I have some bins but they are too big for my son to see through (he looks through one eyepiece!). But we'd also like to view Jupiter and Saturn more clearly, see the rings and grs and moons etc. I have seen this which I love, but I have no clue on size it practicality of setting up/storage etc. I really like the goto feature though. So I'd be willing to save up for a while to get something like the above one. But maybe something a bit more practical (and slightly cheaper?)
  4. Hey guys. I've just been browsing a website and found this http://www.sherwoods-photo.com/celestron_scopes/celestron_firstscope.htm Is this any good for a very first basic telescope for me and my son. I'm reluctant to spend a lot of money when I'm not sure it's practical for us to actually have a telescope. I think one of the goto types would be good for us, but they're quite expensive I think. Or if not, is there a relatively cheap but good goto type scope for us?
  5. I think it's open for public viewing on Saturday evenings, but the rest of the time is members only. I've looked at going a couple of times, but never been able to actually get there. Having to sort out babysitters and the like http://astronomycentre.org.uk/
  6. That's fab. Did you take that last night? If so, then I'm glad I saw the moons and it wasn't just my imagination, as that is exactly how I saw them
  7. Thanks - I guess that's true. The brightest stars will be the ones I can see. I hadn't thought about that! Thanks Matt. I think my big problem is I don't use a tripod atm. I'm getting one, but I'm not sure which I need. So, I think that's making it 100x times harder to find where I am
  8. Hey Welcome - where in Lancashire are you from?
  9. Thanks guys Its not so much struggling to find where certain 'objects' are in the sky with my naked eye. I can quite easily 'star hop' just by looking. Its being able to find the same stars again in the bins! Thanks for the Jupiter moons answers. I did go back out after and I thought I saw 4 moons. .'. ---< three like that, and then one a little further away.
  10. I've managed to find Andromeda pretty easily in the bins. Mainly thanks to well placed stars near the roof of my house so I could navigate towards it. I've had a look at the messier list and the Pacman nebula is apparantly easy to view in the bins (I have 15x70 ones). Problem is, although I know where to look in the sky, I'm finding when I'm actually looking through them, because of the extra stars, I can't figure out which the stars are that I was using to navigate with without the bins. I know they are a fairly high magnification, and I might do better going to 10x50's - but would that help much more in locating where I am? On a side note, I saw Jupiter and I definately saw 3 of it's moons. Does anyone know which ones these might be? They were in a line at the bottom left if that helps!
  11. Claire

    Oct 1972

    My parents had just turned 9
  12. I haven't had chance to get back outside (rain clouds!), but I will try capping them instead of closing alternate eyes if the movement of the 'barrels' doesn't help. Thank you
  13. I've just had a look at the site with the alerts on! I will see if there is a site that could be used! Thanks
  14. I thought the aurora was only visable from Scotland. Is it likely to be visible from Preston?
  15. Hi Olly - thanks for that. I think I'll get myself a chair next time and have a proper go at focusing like you say. I didn't actually alter the tubes as you say, so they were just as they were in the box. Maybe that is my problem! Thank you
  16. I followed the 'close right eye focus with centre' then 'close left eye and focus with right eye focuser thing' but when i use both eyes they are not sharp. Should I then be further focusing? I've read that you shouldn't have to but I must do? I don't see a double image. I can get the moon looking perfect I think, though it is hard to tell exact because of the wobble of me holding it. Thanks for all help btw
  17. Wow - I actually can't believe the size of some of these scopes!
  18. Hey everyone. I've just been out for the first time with my new Celestron 15x70's. I've read the instructions on focusing them, and followed it. But when I view through both eyes, the image isn't as sharp as it is viewed through just one eye. Could this be something I'm doing wrong? I am having to lean on the car roof to view as I haven't got a tripod yet. I first focused it using the moon, which did look amazing (though I wasn't expecting it to be so bright. Maybe not the 'brightest' of idea's on a full moon!) I went to Jupiter and the Pleides to see if I could get it better, but still, one eye was sharper than two. Is this me focusing them incorrectly? Or a limitation in my own vision? I don't wear glasses at all and as far as I know I have pretty much perfect vision. Thanks for any help Claire
  19. Hey, the place in Blackpool - is it the Astronomy Club you are meaning? This would be a good idea I think. I'd like to see the planets and see some detail on them (as this is what the children are mainly interested in). But for myself I would like to see that, but also I'd like to see things like Andromeda and other Messier objects too, and from what I've read bins are better for that? I'm finding it so confusing! I'm in Preston, so not too far away from Sale. Easy enough for a drive out.
  20. Thank you again I'm now wondering whether I should hold back on the scope. I guess I'm right in thinking that pretty much the more expensive a scope the better ? Should I maybe still just buy the celestron bins for now, and then save up for a more expensive scope? Shame I can't buy both
  21. Thanks for the quick replies!! The Heritage does look good - am I right in saying I'll need to buy a separate tripod for this? I was looking at the one I linked because it had a tripod - does anyone know what would be a good tripod for it? Thanks very much for your comment, but I have no clue what f/8.8 etc is - is it focal lengh? I'm not sure what RFT is either! (Sorry I am a complete beginner when it comes to scopes and actual viewing equipement *blush*) Would this scope (the Heritage one), be able to be 'improved' by buying things for it? I've seen you can buy eyepieces etc, are they interchangeable, or is that just for more top end scopes?
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