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  1. brilliant images, sinclair and girnigoe is a brilliant place to shoot at night
  2. Hello everyone Here is a timelapse i made, it has footage of the Northern lights, the milkyway etc. http://youtu.be/Rt4_EHruk4c
  3. Thanks guys I used the Dynamic perception stage zero system for the timelapse sequence
  4. Thanks guys,the image above is a still taken from a timelapse sequence i shot at the castle,here is the timelapse https://vimeo.com/54711572
  5. hi Maciej,there was 3 candles inside the stone structure to give a warm yellow glow
  6. Thanks Stewart,yes the 5D mk ll is excellent for night time photography. Hi Richard,i was using my Tamron 10-24mm lens which fits the 5D mkk ll but is not really suited for it,it really distorts the image however i do like the exaggerated leaning of the subjects on this image.
  7. I took this last night,the moon was full and was was bright,i liked the light it was giving and it lit up the subjects here very nicely. The spiral stone structure o the right(Echo) was illuminated on the inside by candles
  8. I was glad i was with a couple of friends at this castle,heard some strange noises there. ">http://
  9. thank you so much for the lovely comment at the time i took the photo the trees were lit up by the police station's security light which was high up on the embankment behind us (myself and spider72) but it was'nt bright enough to spoil our night vision,it looked like white light to me but the aurora must have tinted the light green,well thats what i think,i could be wrong
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