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  1. brilliant images, sinclair and girnigoe is a brilliant place to shoot at night
  2. Hello everyone Here is a timelapse i made, it has footage of the Northern lights, the milkyway etc. http://youtu.be/Rt4_EHruk4c
  3. Thanks guys I used the Dynamic perception stage zero system for the timelapse sequence
  4. Thanks guys,the image above is a still taken from a timelapse sequence i shot at the castle,here is the timelapse https://vimeo.com/54711572
  5. hi Maciej,there was 3 candles inside the stone structure to give a warm yellow glow
  6. Thanks Stewart,yes the 5D mk ll is excellent for night time photography. Hi Richard,i was using my Tamron 10-24mm lens which fits the 5D mkk ll but is not really suited for it,it really distorts the image however i do like the exaggerated leaning of the subjects on this image.
  7. I took this last night,the moon was full and was was bright,i liked the light it was giving and it lit up the subjects here very nicely. The spiral stone structure o the right(Echo) was illuminated on the inside by candles
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