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  1. Wow that's very quick service indeed especially as it states on their website that they won't start shipping out stuff ordered in the Christmas sale which started Christmas day untill after they come back on the 4th January so indeed that's excellent service.
  2. i got mine too and i have to say that i am very impressed they are of a very high standard superb quality and put together very professionally if i might say, many thanks to everybody concerned who made these available and indeed possible they are just awesome, just one small point though how the heck are you going to better them next year Lol many thanks again everybody. Rob PS. if i had known how good they were going to be i would have ordered several more one for all my family and friends too.
  3. thanks everybody for all your replies all noted and understood, i have given it all a lot of thought and have made up my mind now that i am not going to bother importing any stuff from the USA i just dont think it's worth the risk of possibilty paying a large amount of import duty at the end of the day, i will now probably will look elsewhere. cheers everybody and thanks for all your help it was much appreciated. Rob
  4. many thanks for that Kai. i have since starting this thread read through a huge amount of old threads regarding this subject of import duty and it seems to me to not be a good idea as i thought just wish i had thought of looking into old threads first i wouldn't have bothered starting a new one. so anyway many thanks for your imput i appreciate it. am not going to bother buying from the USA now i will look elsewhere methinks. Rob.
  5. i am thinking of ordering a stellarvue F50M finderscope and some bits and bobs from the USA as nobody here as far as i know stocks them, so i was wondering how much the import duty might be ? my total order including shipping to the UK is $305 which is a bit less than £200 but i don't know how much import duty might be, i have never ordered anything from the USA before and for all i know it may well just go on the value of the goods but i don't know for sure does anybody have any idea ? Rob
  6. i just downloaded it, i use AVG 2011 with no problems at all. McAfee is not a anti virus programme i would ever recommend to anybody it's bugged with too many false positives in my opinion i had it myself onetime and the problems it gave me were unrepeatable on here if you know what i mean. not to mention trying to remove it from my computer was almost impossible i came very close to taking a very big hammer to it, i ended up reformatting the computer in the end and even then it never ran smoothly again. i wouldn't use or recommend McAfee even if it was the only antivirus programme available. thank god it's not, so at the end of the day it's your choice if you want to risk it or not. personally i would ignore the warning and download Stellarium it's a great programme. dump McAfee and install a different programme is my advice. whatever you decide i wish you well with it. regards.Rob
  7. further to the first post another good idea might also be to inform members especially all the newcomers on here who don't know why some members names are in different colours like Green,Blue,Red,and Orange etc. and what they mean and how they are achieved cos that too can be confusing to a lot of new people on the forum especially the newbies. just an idea. regards.Rob
  8. I used to run seti @ home for a long time in fact i have two accounts but have not run either of them for a very long time, I also currently run Einstein @ home. here Einstein@Home again i have two accounts but just running one of them currently. infact i used to run both Seti @ home and Einstein @ home at the same time using Boinc manager but now just running the one account on Einstein @ home. Just recently I hit the magic 1million cobblestones in a little over a year, that's not bad going even if i do say so myself. regards.Rob
  9. s*x dr*gs and rock and roll :D nnahh not really folks just kidding. well except rock and roll. but really i am into amateur radio, listening to air trafic control espciallly oceanic control and other related stuff, birdwatching but i am not a twitcher just like watching birds is all.and of course i am a football fan but that's not really a hobby i suppose but it is an interest. and music with blues being my all time favourite genre followed by jazz of various types. i could go on but that gives you some idea it's enough to keep me busy anyway and of course not forgetting astronomy. regards.Rob
  10. thanks guy's that's helped to clear things up a bit for me. the thing is i just can't seem to make up my mind which to go for, i know that i want to begin with just visual observing of planets and deep sky objects for a little while. then maybe move on to imaging a little bit later, and so if i do that maybe it might be better to go for the skywatcher explorer 200p ds right away, but then again would that be a waste if i don't or can't afford to progress to imaging cos of costs etc i do realise it's very expensive to do imaging. and so therefore just stick to visual and go for the skywatcher explorer 200p, what do you suggest ? i would appreciate your opinions. regards.Rob
  11. thanks to each and everyone of you people who responded all your points have been taken onboard and i will now give it a lot of thought before i make up my mind which to go for . thanks again all much obliged. regards.Rob
  12. i just saw this Tal 2M on astrobuy&sell was wondering if it's worth the asking price or not ? U.K. Astronomy Buy & Sell regards.Rob
  13. another newbie question.. which is considered to be the best easiest and most accurate to use of all collimators available esp for a newbie like myself. also red dot finders which are considered the best most acurrate etc?. does the most expensive mean best, or are they all about the same. my guess is the more they cost the better or am i wrong going on that cheap = nasty, expensive is good.? regards.Rob
  14. another newbie question.. how do you join a specific social group.. can you just click their tab/link and join or do you have to wait for an invitation or do you have to have a specfic interest or particular interest to join or use whichever make of telescope of the group, for instance a Tal to join their group or Dob or whatever to join theirs, what's the deal on joining social groups. regards.Rob
  15. hello and many welcomes from me too Black&WhiteNight enjoy SGL regards.Rob
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