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  1. Sorry for the inconvenience to everybody affected. It was a small inconsequential bug and the fix is curretly being deployed!
  2. Hi, Salvatore here, owner of AstroBin. Just weigh in to let you know that last night Amazon AWS had some problems, and one of the services AstroBin depends on was unavailable, and that caused the hicup. During October I worked on various infrastructure, stability and performance improvements, and recently AstroBin has been super fast and stable! :)
  3. Hi, this is Salvatore Iovene, the founder of AstroBin. I just wanted to quickly jump in to tell you that AstroBin is not *slow* per se. But the image linked where in full resolution, so naturally they are slower to download than the scaled down version posted to photobucket. That's why I recommend linking to the image page with the technical card: it has a scaled down version of the image, and people can still click through to access the full resolution. Hope this helped! Salvatore.
  4. Deas AstroBinners, this morning I have pushed a new site update online. There four important new features: Activity stream. On the home page, you will see a small stream of what's happening on AstroBin. Who uploaded what, who favorited something, who commented an image, who added a new piece of gear to the database, and so on. New workflow for adding and editing gear. The Gear database grew a little messy, I must say. And of course this is my fault for not being a little stricter on what I allow to be inputted on the website. So, to make things easier and less errorprone I have redesigned the
  5. Dear all, after two hard months at work, I am very proud to announce the new iteration of AstroBin, with lots of cool additions and features! Here is a quick explanation of some of the things that just landed on astrobin.com: Search by telescope and camera type. The Advanced Search page has become even more... advanced! Now you can limit your searches to a certain type or telescope (be it apochromatic refractor, or Ritchey-Cretien, or Newtonian, and many more) or a certain type of camera (DSLR, CCD, planetary, ...). It's easier now to plan your next purchase. For example: do you own a SBIG ST1
  6. Hi Ian, if you're talking about compression, yes, you are correct: images on AstroBin are not compressed at all!
  7. Hi, what kind of gallery do you want? AstroBin does have users galleries: just click on your username near the top-right of the site, and from the menu, select "My page". That is your gallery, sorted by year. You can change the sorting mode (by subject type, by gear, by upload time, by acquisition time). I guess this is you: AstroBin - Yves's gallery
  8. Hi all! A new site update was just rolled out, including some high impact features. Comments for the images: although I didn't initially plan this, many of you requested this feature, so here it is! How does it work? Very simply: each image can be commented, and each comment can be replied. The comments are threaded, so it's easy to follow many conversations. This is implemented so to work really quickly: no page reloads, no previews, no clumsy interfaces to navigate about! Just a very modern and sleek interface, ability to painlessly edit comments, delete and undelete them. Just scroll to the
  9. Great image! PS: checkout the Actions menu on AstroBin (look at the "Edit gear used", and "Edit acquisition details" links), and help AstroBin give meaning to your data!
  10. Hi all! It's with great pleasure that I announce another site update. This has been a crazy one, with an incredible amount of work happened in only 9 days! Here are the most important new features: THE MESSIER MARATHON This is a page that shows all 110 Messier objects, and for each object, one is chosen from the images on AstroBin. How is an image chosen? Via a democratic process of nomination! There is a new button called "Nominate for the Messier Marathon", that lets you give your vote to an image. The image with the most votes (aka nominations), will be featured on the marathon page. THE B
  11. Hello everyone! I have just rolled out an update to the website with some new features and many bug fixes. Let's get to the business right away. These are the four main additions: You are now able to automatically watermark your new images. When you upload something, it will ask you whether you want to watermark it, what the text should be, its position and opacity. Don't worry, it remembers your settings, so next time you are there you just need to click on "Next" and not input everything again. You can now specify whether the main subject of an image is a solar system body. Planetary imagers
  12. Thanks John That's because I chose not to implement a way to comment on images on AstroBin. I always meant it as a support system for existing forums: I don't want to create a system that will turn into a closed circle, nor do I want to take users and traffic from existing forums. On the other hand, people will never abandon forums (where they have friends and are used to post there), so maybe at some point I'll ask AstroBin users if they want comments, and I'll do what the users want of course
  13. Hi all, I am Salvatore Iovene, creator of AstroBin. I'm always listening to ideas and suggestions and this thread gave me two. Well one... The automatic watermarking was already in my to-do list and will be done in January. A better upload page, with progress bar indicator is now in my list too and I'll do it asap :-) I will update you in this thread. In the meantime, if you have more comments, please let me know! Thanks!
  14. Everybody has already said this is a great image, but if I may add a comment, I think it could be slightly improved. In my opinion the background is too black and the star edges are too hard (surely an artifact of star masking)? Whether you choose to correct or not these things (which are only my personal opinion and a matter of taste), this is still an excellent image
  15. I agree about the NR, it looks a little washed out, like an oil painting. Other than that, I love the colours! I must say, though, I'm really surprised about that amount of nice: after all one could not say you didn't integrate enough!
  16. Wow, that's amazing! Before reading what the equipment was, I could've sworn it was a 17" RC Excellent job!
  17. Very good for such short integration! Those "tadpoles" are obviously the guiding going crazy probably for a few seconds at the end of the exposure, I guess. Are you dithering? Maybe it was a software bug that caused that. I agree on cropping out the Flame. This image needs more integration though!
  18. I think this has good potential, try to get more integration time if you manage. I can already see lots of contrast between the emission areas and the dark background, perhaps you could try to stretch it less so the noise and unevenness of the background would come out? Anyway I think it's a good result!
  19. siovene


    Hi Sparrow, how bad is LP from your site? You said that with a LP filter your single shots will saturate at 5 minutes? Then how long without the filter? Thanks.
  20. Good luck, Earl. I hope I had room to build one too. Perhaps one day...
  21. Thanks to everyone that helped! I restacked without the flat darks, and got something reasonable. Mike: your image is definitely better, but perhaps you had better sky that night? Here's my final result: All sizes | M31 | Flickr - Photo Sharing! I think it leans on the green side, but I'll fix that later.
  22. yesyes, I could upload it later. Or you can open the 32bit tif with DSS and convert it to 16bit tiff.
  23. blinky: how can I tell if a flat is correctly exposed? Today I got a flat foil so I should be able to take them consistently from now on.
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