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  1. Hey all. I am a complete nooby. And I’m trying to get going (on a budget) with what I have available. I am trying to use my dslr canon 2000d with Nina and sharpcap. Unfortunately after downloading the drivers etc it’s still not connecting to either. Please help! many thanks, Mike.
  2. Thankyou! I will try again tonight. I’m a total newbie and all this confusing the life out of me
  3. Hi all. As of late. I’ve been having a load of issues with ascom. When I try and load any of the application up I keep getting something 55 and app already running. now I think I’ve sorted this, when I start eqmod to control the mount the little box that loads up keeps flashing on and off the screen, I try and exit the program and it just continues to flash. When I go into task manager it’s not in there? Please help!
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