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  1. Thanks John. That's definitely one solution, it would be easy enough for a child. The reason I asked about a dob is mainly the storage space - that's a difference between keeping the telescope in the living room or putting it in a shed, out of sight.
  2. I'm a newbie who has recently purchased a SkyWatcher Explorer 150p with an EQ3-2 mount. I chose this mount for its educational value (getting used to equatorial coordinates) and for its RA tracking ability. But, after trying it, I found it rather unwieldy - it has a large footprint, especially when storing, extra weight, and is generally rather cumbersome with all the meridian crossing, tube rotation etc. This is problematic as I'd like my 10yo child to play with it on its own. In hindsight, I should have probably gone with a classic dobsonian (I did't like the 1200mm tube length) or a foldable variant like SkyWatcher 150p FlexTube (I though it looked cheaply constructed). Question: Are there any dobsonian mounts (no GOTO) for OTAs with a dovetail bar that I could purchase separately? The one coming with SkyWatcher 150p FlexTube looks OK (it could perhaps be a bit taller for comfort) but I haven't seen any such mounts available without an OTA. PS. I have incorrectly assumedt I can dumb down an EQ mount to AltAz by pointing it at zenith and removing counter-weights. Unfortunately, this is not possible with EQ3-2, as it doesn't go above ~65Deg.
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