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  1. Hi a warm welcome to SGL......
  2. Startreck I forgot to mention that in the picture I submited was my wife myself and Astronaut Charlie Walker who flew 4 missions. we also went on the launch simulator on our last visit to the centre with Magic 77 it was a super ride as close as I will ever get. Thanks for your reploys Startreck
  3. Just bourght my wife (and myself) a Celestron 130eqmd, never owned a telescope before but both interested in space stars etc. We have been to Kennedy space centre 4 times, the last time with Magic 77 now he owns a telescope. Looking forward to seeing the planets etc when the sky clears
  4. just got your reploy, the information you sent was very useful and is now set up on my computor, not having a telescope before its all a bit complicated but I am sure we will get there in the end. thanks Russ Derek and Sandra
  5. I must agree, I have bought my wife her first telescope for Christmas, a Celestron 130eq md and we have not been able to use it up to now. Maybe one of you guys can answer a question with regards to our telescope, I have assembled it but the manual does not give enough info on the motor drive, when it is switched on the telescope does not appear to move, is that because it moves to track an object very slowly, if I undo the screw on the connecting collar the RA will turn ok, if I tighten the screw it seems to lock it together so that the RA knob will not turn, I dont want force it just in case I damage it, its a poor show on Celestron not to give clear instructions in the manual. Many thanks Startreck
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