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  1. Thank you very much Stu. I appreciate the recommendations! Bob
  2. This forum has really been great to me. I have asked some questions that Im sure most people would think were really stupid, but I guess thats how I learn. I generally dont ask until I have exhausted all my searches and other sources. Every response I have gotten here has been unbelievably kind and helpful and just above and beyond. I know I can add very little at this point, but maybe I can offer a free services if it helps. I do a lot of 3D CAD designing race car parts etc, and while building my system I was having an issue mounting my ASIAIR Plus to my OTA. The solution was to custom design and 3D print a bracket. Works like a charm! That being said, if anyone is struggling with a similar issue, please message me and Id love to design a bracket for them to make their lives easier! Of course this is free and I just would like to give back to such a great community that has helped me out. I do have the ability to 3D print too, but time is the tough part for me. For now Im hoping to just send over a custom file for you to 3D print yourself. Thanks everyone once again for such a great experience here! bob
  3. Thanks guys, no I didnt post on their forums. I guess I can do that as a last resort
  4. I dont know what Im doing wrong. Ive been trying to get ahold of anyone from pix insight since October but my emails have gone unanswered. I have tried info@pixinsight.com, I have used their Contact Us page many many many times but all my emails go unanswered. I have tried 4 different email addresses in case one of them was having a problem. I have checked all my spam buckets. I have gone to the pixinsight facebook group hoping that someone from PI was on there and can help me. Im completely at a loss and at the point of wanting to give them the middle finger and move on to a different product. The issue Im having isnt a software issue, otherwise Id just ask the fb group, they are really good. The issue is that I had a trial license, got to know the software, liked it and now I want to purchase it. However they strongly recommend I use the "contact us" form to make sure I can receive their emails back since it will have my license info in it. They seem to be pretty strict (Im being nice here) about if I dont get the license email, tough luck, they wont resend unless I buy another license. So in a nutshell I just want to make sure I can get an email from them so I can go ahead and purchase a license. And at this point my trial license has long since expired, I cant renew because they wont answer me, and I wont fork out that kind of money HOPING I get a reply. I think this post has devolved to venting, and before I really tell how I feel, Ill stop here Any suggestions appreciated, including alternative software, or extending my trial. Thank you Bob
  5. Im not far behind you on that one. Im getting pretty 'ok' with my single frame shots. I figured Id get the mosaics in that manner and somehow assemble them. I figured Id shoot this target now because itll disappear from me for the season soon! Get it while I can, process as I learn!
  6. As is mine I suspect itll keep me busy for a long time. hahaha.
  7. Thanks Scotty38 . Yes, I have so many so I can process HDR, which is more of an experiment than anything. Part of the mosaic is Orion Nebula which can easily blow out the centers. I was thinking as you were with option 1, but I wasnt sure how I would get the 4 panels to be processed exactly the same so the final image wouldnt look like it was 4 panels. Bob PS I shot those exposure differences but may not use them all either. I may just use 10sec stack and 120 sec stack for HDR and discard the others. Not sure yet.
  8. Hello. Last night I started a 4 panel Mosaic and got through 2 of them before the sun came up. Next clear night Ill try and finish the other 2. For each panel Im doing the following: 72-10 sec 88-30 sec 60-60 sec 100-120 sec Along with darks with the same time (10,30,60 and 120 sec darks). My question is the sequence that needs to be done to put this all together. Do I: 1) stack all the 10 sec frames with darks, then the 30, then 60 then 120 sec frames to have 4 groups per panel. Then somehow take those and stitch them, then do the usual pixinsight processing? 2) Do all the 10/30/60/120 frames, stack them in to 1 for a total of 4, then stitch the 4 and process in PI? 3) Other? I have never done a mosaic before and with huge amount of raw data Ill have, it seems like endless possibilities! Thank you for any insight bob
  9. Thats a cool shot too! I just started astrohphograhphy but some years down the line maybe Ill need to put all my dso shots together into a sky panorama. That would be neat!
  10. I know this really has nothing to do with anything but I thought Id share anyway. Of all the shots I took in 2021 this one is one of my favorites because it puts things into perspective. This is a single shot. I was shooting Andromeda, and tracking it with my EQ6R Pro. I was tracking it a little bit too long and got a piece of the house in the frame. It really made me think of what if we could really see whats in the night sky? This shot really put it in perspective for me.
  11. Thank you both much! I will read that section.
  12. Hmmm, thank you. Ill have to look that up. I use the AA+ (which is just amazing) so Im sure thats in there!
  13. Great capture and nicely processed! As Astro mick says, a little less green would really bring out the natural colors.
  14. Hi all, Happy New Years. Im setting up a 4 panel mosaic in telescopius, and for me to get my 2 objects in 4 panels, I need to angle my camera. Whats the best way to get that correct angle?
  15. Thank you all very much, I really appreciate that! Going in to this shoot, I knew the duoband was probably not a great idea, but I guess thats how I learn, by trying and seeing results. It also explains why I was getting terrible color. Tonight is supposed to be a clear night again so maybe Ill shoot this target again sans filter. Once again, thank you for your very helpful feedback, it is much appreciated. Bob
  16. This is my contribution. Taken 11/17 in central CT, USA. This is one of the first DSO images I ever took, since I just started about a month and a half ago. Bob
  17. I have tried several different work flows in pixinsight that I have followed on the web and youtube. I have had some moderate success at best but nothing I really like that much. Everything I come up with looks off color, crappy red stars or just plain over processed. Im hoping someone can look at my stacked tiff file and give it a go and see if it is my processing work flow or the way Im taking the initial images. 2600MC pro OSC, z73 with 73a FF. This stack is the first time Im using the ZWO duoband filter and I cant say I like it much, but Im betting its because I dont know what Im doing. Stack consists of 89 x 180sec lights. It does have darks/flats/bias as well. I guess at this point I need to know if I need to change my processing or my capturing. Thank you much for any insight. Bob M31Andromeda.TIF
  18. Got it!! Thank you, let me play with this a bit, it might do just what Im looking for
  19. @Budgie1 I just tried this but didnt have a lot of luck When I remove stars with with starnett and try the process above, I dont see any stars at all still. I think I am missing a step
  20. Thank you both very much, I appreciate your input and the time you spent.
  21. That is correct, 2600MC Pro OSC, no filters (yet). I do have a zwo duoband though. Vlaiv, it seems what I need to do is pay closer attention to my atmospheric conditions next time, before I do any dramatic changes. Or any changes at all in fact. I remember the other night I tossed a bunch of lights because of whispy clouds in the shots, so that does tell me it wasnt great. I tend to dismiss it as just that though and didnt really consider that the evening was not great for shooting. I will pay much closer attention next time. Its been really rough here for the last month and a half, so even a semi reasonable night, Im going out there! Its been 2-3 nights in the last 2 months
  22. Wow so much good information, thank you again! OK good news on the camera / OTA match, I did do some homework before buying it all and thats what I came up with so Im glad to hear that. I am actually in a pretty good spot for viewing, top of a hill, no water and Bortel 3/4. Not near any big cities. It gets pretty dark out here. I will read up on getting better tracking, I know thats vital, thank you for that. As for visual conditions, when I start out its not so bad, but admittedly I do go in and get some sleep. Maybe the conditions change throughout the night. I do know that a few nights ago wasnt ideal, it had a thin layer. Ill pay more attention to that next time. Now... on to the field flattener.... Thats a good possibility. I remember thinking how sharp my center stars were before I got the FF (stacked tiff image attached). I decided to stay with the one 'made' for my Z73 and my assumptions were that it would be best for it but maybe Im wrong on that. Have you any recommendations for a better quality one? THank you for helping me nail this down! Bob Andromeda2.tif
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