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  1. You said it all "I spend my viewing time selecting stuff from the handset and looking at it and quite happy doing so" It's your hobby and how you do it is up to you. Enjoy.
  2. With astrophotography, can't do without GoTo. Less time looking, more time capturing - skies permitting
  3. Have a chat to Andy at Astronomiser. He makes up a variety of cables for DSLRs and should be able to advise and make up what you require.
  4. L.ike you, I'm away most nights of the week, but looking for a location on my travels where I can set up near a hotel. At home I have 3 plastic cups designed for furniture legs, buried in the lawn, so that I can get the tripod and mount quickly set up and near polar aligned. Then do polar and star alignment. Like Pete, I do this ahead and total set up is just under an hour. Taking down is about 15 minutes and tidy up the following day. Disadvantage is that the clouds roll in when scope has cooled and all has be taken down. It doesn't leave many nights and working from home can sometimes help. It can be frustrating at times but only you can decide what's best. Others here will help.
  5. Dougie

    Hello from Ely

    Hi Steve Welcome to the Forum. Maybe one day you'll get your wife hooked.
  6. Welcome Peter Nothing like a bit of reading matter to get prepared for when the skies clear.
  7. Dougie

    Hi from Kent

    Hi Stuart Welcome to SGL Good scope and mount, plenty of help here if you have any problems.
  8. Dougie

    hi sgl

    Hi and welcome. At least when it's cloudy, there's always the forum. Good advice to be found and tips to pick up.
  9. I'm at Astroadventures in Devon for 3 nights. They have an obs fully equipped with a 180mm Newtonian and I was given tuition on how to use the equipment. Nothing too much trouble, including combining the set up with my own camera and laptop. Tony, Murray and Valerie are very friendly and are very knowledgable. Very dark skies here, but high winds, rain and full cloud cover meant no observing last night. Not sure if next 2 nights will improve, but not much sign of it. So not buch better in the South West.
  10. I've planned 3 nights observing in Devon the end of this week. My wife's coming with me, so she'll be pleased if it stays like this.
  11. It's a relief when you get it. I finally sorted mine out a few weeks ago.
  12. We've all made stupid mistakes and probably will make more in the future. By sharing yours, others will learn.
  13. I agree with Sara and go for the 1000D. It's light with live view.
  14. I put a velcro strap around the leg of my scope and a self adhesive velcro patch on the back of the control unit. Hasn't fallen off yet and I can remove it when I pack everything away.
  15. My scope too lives in the conservatory but in a carry bag with the mount in a case and all other accessories in plastic boxes. When I come in from a night's observing, all is left unpacked until the morning. It's not long before I'm asked how long before it's all packed away. Do I ever moan about hair appliances and make up all over the house Maybe I should make my scope a feature in the living room like some of you guys do.
  16. Just replaced my old laptop which had 2 worklng USBs but I needed more when I added more on, so I added a USB hub. (guide camera, DSLR etc.) Decided my minimum requirement was 3 USBs. Had an external socket professionally installed for the lawn mower a few years ago when I had a conservatory put up. Now run the laptop off the extrnal socket via extension lead, but use a waterproof box for the extension reel and laptop adapter. Stops it all falling into the damp grass. Once all your kit is set up, battery time does drain and the older the battery the quicker it drains. But for astro photogaphy laptop or notebook is the way to go.
  17. Welcome Terry At least you got a new scope out of it. And no, it won't stop there, this is just the beginning.
  18. Hi Jason and welcome. I envy you with your skies when the weather is clear. My little girl isn't interested (but she is now 22)
  19. Welcome, lots of good advice to be had here.
  20. Hope you have years of fun. I had a scope for my 40th instead but that was 13 years ago, but technology wasn't cheap back in those days. Computerised scopes were expensive then, but since moved on another two scopes. Each time it's the last
  21. Good news from down South, it's been 25 degrees and clear skies. Bad news is I'm working away from home today and all weekend in an office in Oxford. So not much better here either and can't even try out my new scope.
  22. Dougie

    New member

    Welcome Ernie, you've come to the right place.
  23. The Canon 1000D is also light for a DSLR so it helps with the balance.
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