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  1. Other than the magnification differences on the powermates - what is the difference between a Barlow and a Powermate? Is it just Televue's snazzy marketing?
  2. Thx for your reply Merlin Why 2 inch? I'm looking to do some DSO viewing at low magnification. The 1.25 inch EP's seem to cut off at around 24mm.
  3. Hi all, I'm (hopefully) going to be getting a CPC 800 soon, and I'm getting confused about what I need to buy to use 2 inch EP's with it. At first I niavely thought that buying a 2 inch diagonal would sort it out - but now I'm reading about "visual backing plates". Could anyone tell me what I would need to buy to utilize 2 inch EP's in a CPC 800? Thx in advance for your help
  4. Welcome to SGL As a general rule of thumb, you want to be using low magnification eyepieces to look at deep space objects (higher mm value on the eyepiece). Using higher mag eyepieces reduces the amount of light getting to your eye. Bright planets like Jupiter aren't as much of a problem and you can use higher magnification to start to look for detail. The brightness you see is directly linked to the aperture size of your scope (3 inches in your case). The higher the aperture, the more light your scope can gather, and the brighter the object in the eyepiece.
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