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  1. Thanks for all the replies - you have convinced me not to convert the scope for the dob. If it had have been straight forward then I'd have tried it. I thought about the dob as it would be easier to store the telescope and also quicker to point it to the sky. I just don't have the room to store the 200P on the EQ5 mount and it also takes time to set up when I do want to use it. I will now think of outside storage solutions and invest the money into a synscan for the EQ5 mount.
  2. Wondering if I could modify my Skywatcher 200P (200mm / 1000mm) so it could fit on a Dobsonian mount? I notice the 200P Skyliner with the Dobsonian has a slightly longer focal length of 1200mm. If so how can I do it and which Skywatcher Dobsonian mount do I need to get? Ideally I'd like to find one second hand. I'd still want to be able to use the 200P with the EQ5. Thanks
  3. Thanks Proto Star - PM sent I'm now swaying towards looking for a used Synscan EQ5 kit and my local Astronomical Society have offered to help with the install. Perhaps someone has one lying around that they no longer need..
  4. Thanks for the link - I'm keeping an eye on it. Not sure I'd want to gamble on the other upgrade kits. I was looking back at some sold items and it looks like the EQ5 mount can sell for more on it's own than selling it with the 200P telescope.
  5. My alternative option was to sell my Skywatcher 200P with the EQ5 and get a Celestron Nexstar 6SE which has the go-to. What do people think? Not sure what my setup is worth nowadays but I've seen the Nexstar 6SE go for around £500 on Amazon. Unlikely to get the synscan for less than £300 unless I went for the diy option.
  6. I stand corrected on the ease of installation - you would have thought it should be easy! Will take a look at Tom Carpenters AstroEQ - thanks
  7. Thanks Peter - that's a bit more expensive than I was hoping. Will keep my eye out for a used Kit. Looks fairly straight forward to install.
  8. I have an EQ5 mount and would like to make it a Go-To. There's mention in the user guide of a Synscan. Can anyone point me in the direction of exactly what I need? Thanks
  9. I've just purchased a Celestron Astromaster 130EQ for the bargain price of £30 / $40 USD. I read some reviews on this forum before I purchased it and quickly noticed others owners were advised to change the finderscope and purchase better eyepieces. The one I purchased didn't come with an eyepiece and the finderscope is broken - so I have a blank canvas! My questions - 1) Finderscope - The broken one I have is of the older type that came with the 130EQ. I've noticed the newer 130EQ's come with the Celestron 51630 - do you know if I purchased this whether it would fit directly onto my 130EQ? I ask as looking at the new 130EQ the finder looks like it's on some sort of shoe whereas if you purchase the 51630 separately it doesn't appear to have this shoe 2) Eyepieces - Again looking at other posts on this forum the opinion seems to be go for an 8mm for planets and a 32mm Plossl for wider views. Is that still good advice considering I haven't got the 10mm & 20mm that come with the 130EQ? 3) 2x Barlow - thinking of getting one of these. Good idea? At some point I may ask for a friend to collimate the reflector... not sure I want to attempt it myself <yet> Welcome any advice to get me going and hopefully keep the telescope for a number of years! Thanks
  10. Just wondering if this diagonal would be any good or should I buy something better? Sounded good for £9.99 Tal 90 degree Star Diagonal (1.25 inch / 31.7mm) (375) - Warehouse Express
  11. John, I did manage to obtain a ex library copy of 'Turn Left at Orion'. Its a great starter book. I also use the skymap on my Android phone for some of the brighter objects in the sky that I dont recognise. Darren
  12. Sounds like 2 Plossl eyepieces are the answer (32mm & 6mm) Is there a difference between a Mirror Star Diagonal and a Prism Star Diagonal? Russ thanks for the moon filter link. Would be interested in the solar link. With all these extras im hoping to get some good results from the Bresser! Darren
  13. Thanks again for the responses. Im not sure about budget as I've put them down on my xmas wish list! Whilst im creating that list.. Id like to get the most out of the telscope and was thinking of filters. Perhaps one for the moon and maybe one for the sun?? Any recommendations? Like Russ has said the accessories can be carried over to another scope so id like to have a good accessory set :-) Cheers, Darren
  14. Thanks John and Stephen for your replies. I will definitely look into getting a 2x Barlow and a plossl 32mm eyepiece. I had a quick look on ebay and noticed a number of different Barlows and plossl's. Are there any online shops that you can recommend as id like to ensure I get the right ones .. ie a good make and well made Thanks Darren
  15. Hi, Ive just purchased my first telescope, a Bresser Skylux 70mm. Ive used it the last couple of nights looking at the moon and Jupiter and have to say that im very impressed. I didnt want to spend alot of money on a telescope just incase I didnt use it. So far im using the bresser each night theres a clear sky. It came with a 20mm, 12mm and 4mm eyepieces. Has anybody got any ideas on how to get the most out of this scope? Ive already been told to get a Barlow 2x and a Plossl eyepiece (although not sure on size??) Would be interested to know your views. Hopefully one day I can start to take photos.. just need a DSLR! Thanks Darren
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