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  1. Mine was delivered in October and had the sprung loaded clutch levers. Seems to be eratic delivery programme! Lovely mount though.
  2. Hello all, I thought, as I am the newish chairman of LDAS, I should reply to the notes above. You are right that there have been some changes in the past year and there were some teething troubles. However, I believe that they are now over. The observing nights are published on the website, and there is a phone number to call to check that observing sessions are going ahead. I would encourage anyone who is thinking of going there to phone and check, we do not want to disappoint anyone. The society is very active; we have monthly talks by guest speakers, we have 4 meetings a year where members give talks, we have an astrophotography group which meets monthly, we are going to deliver some introductory astronomy talks for the general public this spring and summer (we have got grants to support these activities), we have telescopes for hire, and an observatory. We have what I think is one of the best society newsletters in existence.I would encourage anyone in the area to come and give us a try, make a judgement based on your own experience. We really do want to encourage people to get interested and be active in astronomy. I hope I might meet some of you soon!
  3. Hello Malcolm, good to hear from you. David was here on Weds and told me about your problem. The only thing I can think of has already been suggested I think. I am no optics expert but th the following would seem to make sense. As you have a secondary spike which originates at the centre of the image it suggests to me that you may have a seconday vane which is slightly twisted. If you were to look straght down the tube you would see the that where the vane attaches to the secondary it appears as a very thin knife edge, or blade. As you look to the point where the vane attaches to the tube it would, if the vane is twisted, appear broader, or less blade like. this would mean that light at the tube end of the vane would see 2 edges to diffract on. I assume this would create 2 diffraction spikes, presumably of the same intensity. Other than that I have no other suggestions! Btw, observatory almost complete; needed a winch to move the roof, but it works a treat! Cheers Gordon
  4. I have an Equinox 120 and see that Skywatcher claim it can be used with an SCT reducer (?) to get wider fov. Has anyone ever done this? How well does it work? Are the threads on the Equinox right for the threads on the reducer? Cheers Gordon
  5. I would strongly recommend you completely cover the scope in a waterprook material, plastic sheet will do. I had to have a mirror recoated after keeping it in the garage, uncovered for a couple of years. I think the problem was that after prolonged very cold spells the garage floor is very cold and when warmer damper weather arrives you can get condensation on the mirror, especially if the tube is standing vertically on the garage floor (as mine was). As mine was uncovered I think the damp air got in through the tube vents. Now I keep all my tubes in covers.
  6. Hi all, I can't get my CPC to accept the mde command 'Alt/Az', it defaults to Off, though it will accept commands to track equatorially. I have loaded the latest firm ware for the hand controller and the motor, and done a factory reset (all at the request of Celestron), but none of this has worked. When I bought it 3 years ago it worked fine, but for the last 2 years I have been using it on a wedge in equatorial mode. However, 2 weeks ago I took off the wedge and tried to use Alt/Az mode. Has anyone had this problem, and if so, how did you solve it? I am getting rather frustrated that so far nothing seems to correct it. Its something of a mystery to me. Regards Gordon
  7. thanks for the reply, I will order one today. Gordon
  8. I want to use a DMK webcam for guiding with PHD software. How do I connect my laptop (only USB ports) to the ST4 port on my scope mont? Where can I get the cable (assuming there is one)? Any help greatly appreciated.
  9. Anyone got any experience with the Lunt 152mm solar telescope? Its fairly new out and I wonder how good it is. Cheers
  10. Yes, I did remove the film, but still no good. Maybe my eyes are not particularly sensitive to the screen colours, I also find the Celestron handset screen a bit difficult to read. Cheers
  11. Thanks to all of your replies. I had another go last night and I find it almost impossible to see the screen info. I have even sat in a cupboard in an attemot to get total blackness, its just about readable, but no good in my light polluted skies. I am seriously thinking of changing it - I notice that the Baader LVI guider has a screen that can be brightness adjusted, and while its more expensive it sounds like a better bet (plus the screen is seperate to the scope). thanks
  12. Thanks again. Personally, I think if the level of visibility I am experiencing is normal the unit is just about useless. can't see the point of needing a torch to use it. Cheers
  13. Billy, thanks for the quick reply. Could you se the screen ok, what colour was the text? Cheers
  14. Anyone using a Skywatcher Synguider - I bought one of these a couple of weeks ago and tried to use it last night. The unit poweers up ok, you can see the screen is red in colour. However, I find it impossible to read the text or see the star 'screen' without a torch. Has anyone got this problem? the text is there but it is incredibly faint. I have tried different power sources and voltages (6V, 9V, and 12V)all with the same result. Supplier is getting back to me tomorrow, but I would appreciate your opinions. Maybe my eyesight is failing..... Cheers
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