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  1. There is an update from JTW received by my friend. Since the message is not addressed directly to my friend, I will repost here. It sounds positive so I have my hopes up! " "Hi Everyone, I hope all had a happy new year! It was a tough year but 2020 is already looking to be a great year. I took the liberty of a full Christmas vacation, which is quite a rare treat as we usually have to squeeze in our machine maintenance over Christmas, I was sure no one would begrudge me this, we were all pretty burned out. It's fantastic to be back at work with a spring in our step and full of motivation. To summarise this email, we're now proceeding with the Tridents that have absolute encoders. There have been no surprises and our hybrid ceramic drive works great. The project is now on the home strait. I believe I owe everyone a more in depth mail, so here it is - I'd like to thank everyone again for their patience. I know that this feels like an eternity, let's be honest - it is. I have been made aware of some less than favorable forum posts at the moment, this is perfectly reasonable with such a delay. I would be skeptical too if I wasn't fully versed on the situation. I'd like to state that we could have shipped out OGEMs almost a year ago and I'm sure a lot of you would have been happy with them. However, we know what friction drive is capable of and rather than send you something like an EQ6 on steroids, we made the decision to send you an instrument with premium performance instead, something that you will be proud of, enjoy to use and will still be working perfectly 15 years from now. This was never about a quick buck for us, we take pride in what we do and we want to be known as a company with integrity that delivers premium products. We will never be a high speed production environment. The delay was the necessary 2 steps back to take 10 steps forwards. One of our commercial clients has ordered 12 more Tridents based on the performance of the ceramic prototype (too ugly to send to an Early Bird or sell!), they will be phasing out Mesu and Paramounts for the Trident, this was a very nice compliment when we received this info. This order surely wouldn't have come had we fobbed everyone off with an OGEM & called it a day. Details will be on our social media once Early Birds are all taken care of & these 12 will be publicly available. If you followed our social media you'll know that we had the standard colour parts repainted due to battleship grey being a bit of a flop along with the mounts in custom colours. We didn't get these parts back in time to do much before the holiday period. I'll get some photos taken next week. The documentation is almost complete now, big thanks to all who have contributed and given feedback on this. This is a nice email to write, as we are now on to the Tridents with encoders, the majority of you have taken encoders. The situation now is as follows - The Tridents with ceramic/hybrid drive are working perfectly. We consider this a proven system now. We can proceed with assembling and shipping out the Tridents with absolute encoders The project is finally approaching completion & we will never buy a design from a 3rd party ever, ever, ever again. No, seriously. People who ordered telescopes will receive a 400 mm f/9 Cassegrain (with top notch optics) as a loan instrument while their ordered instrument is completed, of course free of costs, we will also pay the return shipping. Telescopes that have been ordered are already in manufacture. They were scheduled to be finished by now but the necessity to change controller and redesign the drive completely ruined 2019 for us. The Tridents with encoders will ship out this month There is only one caveat and it's pretty minor. The Sitech controller needs an additional piece of hardware to interface with the absolute encoders we are using. They save a fortune compared to Renishaw and still give respectable performance. Sitech have been very busy last year and the additional hardware to allow these encoders to be used will be ready some time this month. We will ship the mounts out with encoders preinstalled and aligned, tested in factory with our own custom jig. You will receive a cable and small box about a month from now, simply connect the encoders to the controller and they will just work, no tools needed, no updates or firmware flashing, just plug and play. This is unavoidable due to the encoders having an unusual protocol and I think is a good way to keep things moving. Finally now that we have a friction drive with premium performance and significantly more grip than any other friction drive on the market (so much so, it doesn't need a brake) & will soon be looking at the Early Bird Tridents & telescope orders in the rear view mirror, our next project is the Kraken 35, a portable Trident derivative to carry 35 kg photographically. Any questions or comments please just ask! Mark"
  2. My EQ6-Pro was bought used six years ago and while it tracked fairly well, I was never satisfied with it's performance. Last month I stepped up to a new EQ6R and so far, been very impressed!
  3. I am concerned about the Trident mount from JTW as I have a close friend that put up his money like two years ago. Any new developments? Greg
  4. I saw the other images, so I thought I was in the right place.
  5. Imaged on December 17, 1:30am EST US. 50, one minute exposures processed in Pixinsight and turned into a GIF format with PIPP, Canon 50Da, Astrotech at72ed scope piggybacked on my at8in.
  6. Two issues fairly recently. My observatory has a pier in the center of the floor isolated by two inches of foam. To unlatch the roof, I have to step up on a two step stool. The left front leg of the stool had shifted and was resting on the foam. Needless to say when I stepped up on it, we went straight into the telescope. Only minor bruising, mainly ego! Second time, on start-up, PHD guiding keeps giving me the error message "star did not move enough"! It was trying to guide on a hot pixel due to lens cover still being on! Greg
  7. That would be ok with me! Looks like 119.10 us. Do you take Paypal?
  8. Would love to get the Optolong 2" Ha filter, but two things: £85 pounds conversion and the fact that I am in the US. Looks like about 108.17 US. Let me know if we can do the sale! Greg
  9. Wow! I like it! Too bad they don't make it in the states.
  10. The first time is tricky. Use the lowest power eyepiece in your collection, which would be a 20mm or maybe a 15mm, not the 4mm they always give you. Use the scope, not the finder, and move it around slowly eyeballing it till you find that bright star, Jupiter, or the Moon. Then adjust the finder to match the scope. After that, the finder can be used to lock in on other objects of interest. Oh, and welcome! Greg
  11. It is almost the same and I'm using the drivers for the 5000 with my Fusion. The camera works great, almost too good. I used sharpcap (demo version), and took serveral moon videos through my ED80. Very pleased, so went on to Saturn. I took too many frames for the resolution I was shooting. I chose 1000 frames at max resolution and wound up with a 4 gig avi file! Too big for me to process. Next time I will limit the frames to 100-120.
  12. I recently did 56 minutes on the Leo Triplet with an At8in Newtonian and a Canon 50D. Four minute subs and was not happy with the results. Looking forward to your post!
  13. Could not get the link to work...perhaps it is down at the moment :-(
  14. I imaged the Leo Triplet April 4th with my AT8in and failed to find the super nova in the image. Maybe two hours and sixteen minutes is not enough exposure time, or it's magnatude is beyond my scope's reach.
  15. Being a Ford mechanic, I have had my ups and downs financially and have needed money to pay pressing bills. I have found a trick to help me get through these times. The trade up! The ups and downs of the automobile industry means highs and lows in income so If money is needed, I sell a scope or camera with the full intent of buying something better when funds allow. So far, it has worked out and have completely upgraded most all of my equipment three times! Hang in there if you can, but don't let it get you down if you do have to liquidate for now.
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