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  1. I saw the other images, so I thought I was in the right place.
  2. Imaged on December 17, 1:30am EST US. 50, one minute exposures processed in Pixinsight and turned into a GIF format with PIPP, Canon 50Da, Astrotech at72ed scope piggybacked on my at8in.
  3. Two issues fairly recently. My observatory has a pier in the center of the floor isolated by two inches of foam. To unlatch the roof, I have to step up on a two step stool. The left front leg of the stool had shifted and was resting on the foam. Needless to say when I stepped up on it, we went straight into the telescope. Only minor bruising, mainly ego! Second time, on start-up, PHD guiding keeps giving me the error message "star did not move enough"! It was trying to guide on a hot pixel due to lens cover still being on! Greg
  4. That would be ok with me! Looks like 119.10 us. Do you take Paypal?
  5. Would love to get the Optolong 2" Ha filter, but two things: £85 pounds conversion and the fact that I am in the US. Looks like about 108.17 US. Let me know if we can do the sale! Greg
  6. Wow! I like it! Too bad they don't make it in the states.
  7. The first time is tricky. Use the lowest power eyepiece in your collection, which would be a 20mm or maybe a 15mm, not the 4mm they always give you. Use the scope, not the finder, and move it around slowly eyeballing it till you find that bright star, Jupiter, or the Moon. Then adjust the finder to match the scope. After that, the finder can be used to lock in on other objects of interest. Oh, and welcome! Greg
  8. It is almost the same and I'm using the drivers for the 5000 with my Fusion. The camera works great, almost too good. I used sharpcap (demo version), and took serveral moon videos through my ED80. Very pleased, so went on to Saturn. I took too many frames for the resolution I was shooting. I chose 1000 frames at max resolution and wound up with a 4 gig avi file! Too big for me to process. Next time I will limit the frames to 100-120.
  9. I recently did 56 minutes on the Leo Triplet with an At8in Newtonian and a Canon 50D. Four minute subs and was not happy with the results. Looking forward to your post!
  10. Could not get the link to work...perhaps it is down at the moment :-(
  11. I imaged the Leo Triplet April 4th with my AT8in and failed to find the super nova in the image. Maybe two hours and sixteen minutes is not enough exposure time, or it's magnatude is beyond my scope's reach.
  12. Being a Ford mechanic, I have had my ups and downs financially and have needed money to pay pressing bills. I have found a trick to help me get through these times. The trade up! The ups and downs of the automobile industry means highs and lows in income so If money is needed, I sell a scope or camera with the full intent of buying something better when funds allow. So far, it has worked out and have completely upgraded most all of my equipment three times! Hang in there if you can, but don't let it get you down if you do have to liquidate for now.
  13. Fantastic Barry! I'm so glad you finally have it coming together! Looking forward to some more of your fine work on the POTN forums. Greg
  14. I had a similar issue with a powered 7 port hub trying to get my Meade DSI and Canon 40D to communicate and get recognized by my main computer. I was running two 16 foot powered USB cables (booster cables) and two non-powered USB cables to the hub which is indoors near my computer. The signal degradition was enough to keep my main computer from recognizing either piece of equipment. I tried moving the 7 port hub outdoors near the scope and one powered USB cable as the connection to my computer. It helped, but not 100% of the time. To make a long story short, the final fix was internal with the computer. The USB ports in the computer attached to the motherboard with a ribbon cable...the connection at the motherboard had high resistance. Disconnected the ribbon cable, applied a small amount of electrical contact grease to the ribbon cable and it's fixed. Doesn't matter now where I put the 7 port hub. Hope this helps as it might not be your problem, but you might try relocating your hub as mentioned. Greg
  15. I made the film cannister collimation tool for use on a wrecked newt pulled from a yard sale. Worked well enough to get the basics done till I could do a star test. As was said, for an SCT, the bright star in and out of focus method is the best. Greg
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