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  1. Thanks, that gives me an idea of which direction to travel for those dark skies.
  2. Hi, Welcome, i too have an Astromaster 130eq and just like you starting out, get yourself a 2x Barlow lens, it has made viewing jupiter great for me. looking forward to Saturn rising in the early mornings. Good luck.
  3. Hi All, Have had my Celestron 130EQ for just over a month now and i am loving it. I am interested in anyone who uses their scope in Milton Keynes, the skys can be troubled by bad light polution and was wondering if anyone knows any good viewing sites just outside MK with darker skys. I have visited Ivinghoe beacon and it is good up there, but a bit too far for a quick trip when the skys clear. My garden is ok, but trees and my next door nighbours WW2 searchlight/security light dont help. Cheers
  4. p5272

    I am new too.

    Thanks for all the welcomes. The dew was bad last night but i had a good 2 hours before it curtailed my viewing. Clear skys.
  5. p5272

    I am new too.

    Hi everyone, I have recently been enjoying astronomy for the first time. I picked up a Celestron 130eq on ebay a few weeks ago and have enjoyed every minute so far, tonights observations of the moon, Jupiter and the pliedes were great, looking forward to more clear nights.
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