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  1. So yes, here are the camera stats using Flycapture: IIDC VERSION: 1.32 FIRMWARE VERSION: DRIVER: PGRUsbCam.sys- This camera uses the Sony IMX265 CMOS Hope this helps. thanks again! Carlos
  2. Thanks James. It's all going a bit over my head....but that is the firmware written on the camera box under the camera model number. I will try using a friends PC and the fly capture app to see if it truly is that firmware. Carlos
  3. Firmware is Here's the USB tree info:
  4. Thanks James, confirmed it does not work on USB 2 either (the old 2010 iMac running Yosemite). Carlos
  5. Hi Peter, I have done that...note it states "disconnect" I was just showing the menu so that you could see that it was selected. Carlos
  6. Hi James, thanks.....yes my iMac is completely up to date with El Capitan. I downloaded the link on your site and mounted the disk image on the desktop and launch the program. It starts and recognizes the Chameleon (CM3-U3-31SAM-CS)....this is the IMX265 CMOS chip version. It will just not display any images. I also tried on an older iMac that still runs Yosemite and encountered the same behavior with 0.9.0...older versions of the OaCapture on that mac resulted in a hard crash. In any event here is a screen shot of what I am seeing..... Thanks Carlos
  7. Hi, just wanting to report here what I have encountered with a point grey chameleon 3 USB 3 version. I am not sure if there is more to do installing Oacapture other than downloading and starting the program. I downloaded 0.9.0 on a 27 inch iMac running El capitan. I started the program and connected my Chameleon camera. The camera connects but there is no image visible in the preview area. It states a Max Frame rate of 73 but 0 for captured. I tried recording but nothing. I also tried on a macbook air running yosemite and still the same issue. Any advice? Thanks Carlos
  8. Ok...gorgeous-I'm craving attempting this. Help me out. Where exactly is that in the rosette? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Hi everyone, new to the forum. Hoping to learn and share. Regarding this thread, I have a question.....I used the tutorial on canon dslr for newbies calibration. I ended up with a strange green colored flat? I thought flats were supposed to be grayscale. Using this tutorial I converted the canon cr2 raws to fits, then proceeded to create a master bias, master dark, master dark flat, and eventually a master flat. But they are all color files? Is this correct or did I goof somewhere along the way. Thanks Cheers Carlos
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