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  1. we may get lucky with clear skies again and satellites are always on the list to try to locate.
  2. planning to get up for a look at lovejoy. hope its not too low before sunrise.
  3. I've seen meteors and satellites through bins and that is usually a bit unsettling. I always wonder what it was I saw but later on I realize it was either one of those listed. Still makes for an interesting moment. Kind of spices up the moment.
  4. I woke up before my alarm today at 430am. Went out and found Lovejoy in a second. Beijing's light pollution keeps it from being a naked eye object. Had to come in because I needed the bathroom so I will write this and go back to sleep. Work is in the afternoon. it is still in CRB but heading fast into Hercules. Additional stuff was m35,m36,m37, m38, m43, mars and jupiter and its moons. not a bad morning Lovejoy's tail seems to be longer than when I first spotted it and has gotten a bit brighter. I would say about 4.8-5.0. good news is I am moving to a smaller city soon and it is further south. Maybe future comets will be an addition to already lucky position. - Cheers
  5. imagine what it may have been like to be a natural nocturnal creature that lives centuries. Plenty of time to observe
  6. if we find vampires they can tell us about many great comets
  7. I went out on a star party on the 1st and pointed my 150mm on this beaut. wow. nice tail . it is worth getting up to see each day. THis morning was a bit overcast but still could make it out . Who can tell us what the diameter of Lovejoy is?
  8. Was out with a minimal crew all last night. it was a long cold one but we have the bbq going aside so it was very helpful. No moon, no winds and decent sky(for Beijing) top it all off with Lovejoy. Nice tail on this comet. I did not follow much about it because media was clogged with Ison schtuff. I had seen Lovejoy a week ago under bad conditions. Visually it was not very clear to us but could make out a nebula type object until using optics. I estimate it was at about 4.xx mag. time to go read more about the fate of this one. - D ps. The term dirty snowball certainly does it justice.
  9. 3rd of 4th should be separated enough? a bit tripped out when all said it was gone. I got homework to do on anything new
  10. Lovejoy is really a nice object. It seems to be doing very well. I will have to get up again tomorrow to check it out again Saw it when it was about 35-40 degrees up, well places between Alkaid and Arcturus. Tail of the dipper acts as a pointer. I think it is about mag 5 or just maybe under. Our eastern sky is usually filled with light pollution and it was a little hazy plus a moon which wasn't a big factor but still put a little damper on viewing Lovejoy Very much fun - D
  11. I love the Geminids. I recall 2010 was a very good shower. We were deep in the countryside and we all were counting how many we saw throughout the night. I stopped counting after 300. That's not ZHR, that's for the entire evening. worth to go see, be warm, dress well, bring drinks and of course patience.
  12. and thanks a bunch. that helps. its now 221 am and im just about to head out to view the morning sky before i fall asleep at my computer. cheers
  13. i suspect this as well but a sungrazer was never on my list of things to see. So ok we will go. but its gonna be really cold. haha
  14. this is what i didn't want to hear. but i was rather suspecting it. Since I never chased a comet before, there is too much to know. After playing with stellarium again I can tell its going to be blocked out by the sun. Just a few more days. Damn it. Almost a perfect weekend. We're planning to go to a dark site up in the mountains and finding the best eastern horizon view has been tough. Thankfully Google earth has decent elevation displays. But it still seems to be way too close to the sun on that day and will be way short lived if it makes it. Fortunately, I can go out each night but it will have to be in the suburbs here and I think that will not make much difference if it is a beauty. Thanks - D
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