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  1. Hi all, Saturday was a nice sunny day in Belgium, so I made a couple of images with my 150mm h-alpha scope. I also made a 10 minute timelapse of AR12597. You can find it here, it may take a while to load: http://www.astronomie.be/pieter.vandevelde/solar_mod/www.GIFCreator.me_mOd8wv.gif Thanks for checking it out! Best regards, Pieter
  2. Maurice, All your images (4 if I caught all of them) from the recent astro trip are of a rarely seen high standard. Very rich colours, detailed and razorsharp. Your failed astro holiday earlier this year has been neutralised! One thing that strikes me; the bright blue stars show a bit larger halo than I would expect. Something to do with the Baader filter mod or maybe the Epsilon corrector? But then again, what would I know... Have not made a colour astrophoto myself in 3 years ... Pieter
  3. Very tastefully done! Great detail and subtle processing. I like this a lot. Pieter
  4. I came across this 2013 youtube video showing the latest PlaneWave telescopes. It appears they are also implementing the side blowing fans in their larger instruments. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHi6qgdXE2s To save you some time, they mention it at the 14:10 mark Pieter
  5. Thanks! The software is GIFF creator, sorry got that mixed up... GIFF creator is dead easy to use, it's a free online tool, http://www.gifcreator.me/ Pieter
  6. Hello all, Yesterday (August 17th), it was a totally cloudless sky and I managed to make some images of the large solar prominence. I also managed to make a 30minute timelapse of the solar outburst. I made a 10s movie every 30 seconds and combined into a GIF. I used Austostakkert!2, ImPPG, PS6.0 and GIFmaker to build this movie. It may take a while to load (10 meg). You can view it here: http://www.astronomie.be/pieter.vandevelde/solar_mod/prom aug17th2016.gif The scope was a 150mm f/10 pst solar mod with a 1.7x barlow and a DMK31. Thanks for checking it out, Regards, Pieter
  7. Great capture, well done! I am working on this object myself at the moment. Pieter
  8. Thanks for the comments! Good to be up and running again...
  9. Yes, I like it very much! That TeleVue is an absolute killer ...
  10. Good evening all, Long time without a post. Due to circumstances I was not able to do any imaging the last 4 months (breaking both your arms is no fun! ), so I am happy to share a new image! Last week there was a stretch of 3 clear nights with some very stable seeing. This object has been on my bucket list for a long time, so there was no escaping it anylonger. It is a very nice "waterfall like" hydrogen ripple in Cygnus, called DWB145. This is a 2 panel mosaic. The image acquisition was done with SGP. As always I have kept processing to an absolute minimum to maintain the most natural look. The calibrated panes were stretched (levels & curves + minor high pass filter) and stitched in Photoshop. Scope: 10" f/3.8 Astrograph CCD: sbig st8300 (-10°C), it was over 20°C at midnight! Filter: Astrodon 5nm Exposure: 14 hours in 20min subframes Mount: Mesu200 For the pixel peepers, the full resolution (5847 x 2396) version can be seen here: Full resolution Anyway hopefully you like it, thanks for checking it out! Regards, Pieter
  11. Thanks for checking it out, glad you like it! Yes, it is a single stack etalon. Kind of hard to explain in two sentences on my phone now... But you can find some details concerning the scope here: https://pietervandevelde.smugmug.com/Pics/Solar-equipm/ Let me know if you want more info... Regards, Pieter
  12. Of course; I used these: https://www.amazon.com/Brushless-Cooling-40x40x10mm-Sleeve-bearing-Skywalking/dp/B00BIZ7WZC These are also good ones, from NoiseBlocker: http://www.conrad.be/ce/nl/product/872056?WT.mc_id=gshop&insert=8J&gclid=CK3n_8PRhs4CFUa6GwodvuIEbg&tid=194229418_17048677258_pla-130747084378_pla-872056&WT.srch=1 Pieter
  13. My mirror is a 10", the fans are 40 x 40 mm. I do have some rubber washers to dampen vibrations. But the fans cause nearly no vibrations at all without them, I tried several brands before settling with these. The fans run very quiet aswell. The only sound you hear closeby is the moving air. It was a bit tricky to install them, but it is worth the effort! Pieter
  14. I have installed cross flow fans on my Newton about 3 years ago. I used to have only 3 rear mounted fans, but I struggled to get sharp images even after more than 1 hour of cooldown. With the added cross blowing fans, the boundary layer is disrupted and the image is very clear and stable very quickly. The scope can be used almost immediately for imaging. I also added some foam padding behind the side fans to filter out dust particles. It also prevent any stray light falling onto the mirror. Pieter
  15. Hi all, Very nice and sunny day yesterday, seeing pretty good aswell! This combined image shows AR2567 & AR2565 with 2 very different etalon tunings. Tuning the etalon as far as possible off-band, a near continuum white light is achieved (granulation also showing). The images were made +/- 5 minutes apart, and clearly show very different details in each. Camera was a DMK31, made with 150mm pst mod Solar scope. Thanks for checking them out! Best Regards, Pieter
  16. Very nice details Charles!
  17. Hello Heine, If you want to have trouble free mount, I fully recommend the Mesu 200 mount. Backlash & gear tuning are a non-issue, simply because there are none in the Mesu frictiondrive. The build quality totally surpasses an EQ8, you will pay more for the Mesu, but it is a mount you will own for a very long time. The engineer of the mount is also very approachable and helpfull (in my case just a 2 hours drive away). Like Olly says, I have it on a Berlebach Planet tripod, this is their flagship tripod model. This tripod is very well made from beautiful ash tree wood, which dampens vibrations very well. The tripod can carry 100 kg of payload. It can be ordered with a specific adapter for the most common mounts. https://www.berlebach.de/?bereich=details&id=350&sprache=english I have owned many mounts like: Vixen gp-dx, Losmandy gm-8 (biggest piece of crap ever), Takahashi EM-200. The Mesu blows them all away. Best regards, Pieter
  18. No sign of redundancy, these are very nice images! Keep them coming. Pieter
  19. Thanks to everyone who commented, much appreciated! Hopefully we have lots of sunny days coming, because last couple of months weather has been terrible here. Pieter
  20. Hi All, Last Saturday (July 2nd) during a break in the endless stretch of clouds, I managed to drag my solarscope out in the garden. I have only delved into solar imaging since the start of this year, being more of a deepsky imager thusfar. The telescope is a pst mod built from a 150mm f/8 skywatcher achromat. It was getting late in the afternoon when I shot these 2 mosaics between passing clouds, nevertheless I am pretty satisfied the way they turned out. The seeing wasn't too bad either... The camera was a DMK31. Thanks for taking a look. Regards, Pieter
  21. Charles, Great looking images! You have captured some very nice details. What camera have you used? May I ask how long the individual subframes are (ms)? Regards, Pieter
  22. Thank you for checking and the nice comments! Regards, Pieter
  23. Good day All, This morning, I managed to image the sun between the clouds. I have used my 150mm f/10 pst mod telescope. The image is a 4 pane mosaic made with a DMK31. I just noticed, there are some impressive prominences on the edge, wish I could have captured those and layered them in... Anyway, Hope you like it! Regards, Pieter
  24. I know ERF filters get very expensive in larger sizes, that was not my question. I was asking where the ERF is installed in this telescope. In front of the objective or a distance behind the objective inside the tube. For solar imaging aperture rules, so it certainly does have an impact if you stop down the aperture. Pieter
  25. Very nice looking pics! You mention that an 135mm ERF was used. Does that mean the main 152mm objective was stopped down to 135mm? Or are you imaging with the ERF placed inside the tube, so using the scope's full aperture? Regards, Pieter
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