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  1. Hello group, Here an image of M35 with its neighbouring ancient cluster NGC 2158, which is over 1 billion years old. Image acquired in southern France beginning of February. Exposure was 30min per colour in 5 min subs. Scope: np101is ccd: st8300 higher res version here: http://www.astronomie.be/pieter.vandevelde/deepsky/M35med.jpg greetings, Pieter
  2. Very nice! For a first image really good. Pieter
  3. Here you go sir: Full size: http://www.astronomie.be/pieter.vandevelde/deepsky/M101big.jpg Pieter
  4. Thanks again for the nice comments everyone! Here an image of both scopes while shooting M101. Mine on the right and Olly his FSQ on the left hand side. Many regards, Pieter
  5. Jannis, Thanks, I usually process colour in two seperate layers, one stretched a lot for faint stuff, and a mildly processed (to avoid burned out stars) layer for starcolour. The galaxies you pointed out are NGC 5477 (close to M101) and NGC 5486. They could make interesting targets, but you would need more focal length for those. Olly, Thanks, Yes they are a great combo aren't they. Swap the TV?, Hmm I will think about it if you throw in some heated socks:p Pïeter
  6. "i'm new go easy lol. if a sub is 15mins how long is the gap before the next sub?" No problem mate:), After a 15 min exposure, the next one starts as soon as the readout is complete. Pieter
  7. What do you mean with "rest time"? Time between exposures? There is none, all is shot in one sequence. regards, Pieter
  8. Hello everybody, I have finally found some time to process another image from Southern France. All data was grabbed in a single very cold night using 2 different telescopes simultaneously. Lum: 5 hours (15 min subs), shot with a TeleVue np101 and st8300 colour: 4 hours (10 min subs), shot with an Fsq-85 and atik 4000osc Total: 9 hours Thanks to perfect skies, a lot of faint fuzzies... Medium sized version here: http://www.astronomie.be/pieter.vandevelde/deepsky/M101med.jpg Thanks for looking and CS! kind regards, Pieter
  9. Thanks for the comments! Harry, you are right. The colour is off a bit, I did some rework on the colour data. It looks more natural now I think. regards, Pieter
  10. Hello Everybody, Last week I spent another week in Southern France at Gîte Les Granges, for the third time already. It was great to get away from everything for one week and focus just on imaging. Having had 5 clear nights, I have a big amount of data. This is the first one, the Orion nebula. This is just a quick process. Lum: 1.5 h (9x600s + 10x8s for core) got clouds while shooting lum RGB: 1 h each Total exposure: 4.5h Scope: TeleVue np101is and st8300, mount EM200. Larger version here: http://www.astronomie.be/pieter.vandevelde/deepsky/M42med.jpg Hope you guys like it, regards, Pieter
  11. Hi Olly, That is spectacular as usual. Really love it! Maybe some more mosaicing to get the lower hydrogen arm included ??? Many regards and see you again soon. Pieter
  12. Olly, Amazing image, what a field! APOD for sure if you ask me! regards, Pieter
  13. Thanks everybody! Darren, I am using 2 inch filters, because my filterwheel is quite far away from the CCD. regards, peter
  14. Hello All, Finally after 2 months I have been able to point the scope starwards again. Here is an image of the rosette nebula through a Baader 7nm HA filter. Exposure 3 hours with 20 min subs. TeleVue np101is and st-8300. Hope you like it! full size http://www.astronomie.be/pieter.vandevelde/deepsky/ngc2244_3hrs_HA_med.jpg Many regards, Peter
  15. Awesome shot Olly! How did you combine the HA? Just used it as luminance or did you mix it with red? regards, Pieter
  16. Thanks everyone for the comments! Regards, Pieter
  17. Hello all, This is my first post to this group, so I thought I could start off with posting an image. I have imaged this nice cluster some weeks ago. Hope you like it! The scope was a TeleVue np101is and camera a st8300. Exposure was LRGB 60 30 30 30, so 2,5 hrs total Thanks for looking! Look here for larger version: http://www.astronomie.be/pieter.vandevelde/deepsky/ngc7789med.jpg regards and CS, Pieter
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