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  1. Starry Night Pro plus V7.2.0.454.... latest update.... I was one of the first buyers in April 2014. The program is still less than perfect, still crashes way too often and the program is not really what I would call geared for use by observers. It is designed for use as a teaching aid so if you want to prepare lectures and video presentations you might find it worth while but for planning observing sessions or logging or simply finding objects you'll be faced with many crashes if you do too many searches in one session. I only paid about $100.00 US for it a year ago and even after 14 months of patches and updates and features added that were left out of the 7.0 version the program is still left wanting and I still feel I over paid for a still incomplete program. They have no idea what an observer needs in a program to use as an observing aid. I would not recommend Starry Night Pro Plus V7.2.0454 for use by an amateur astronomer intending to use it to help with his observations or equipment. Grey
  2. The AVX and the Orion SSAG Mini Max were purchased in July 2014 and all the AP I did this past summer and fall was with a NexStar 5" SCT F10 . The AVX without auto guiding gave me reliable 60 sec. exposures. With auto guiding I could get 3 minute exposures with round stars but local LP would begin to ruin longer exposures. The SW 80 ED was only acquired on New Year’s Eve and I've been subjected to temperatures +15 to -30 F and over 5 feet of snow in the last 2 months, somewhat limiting my time spent imaging (If no time in the observatory counts as limlted) The F7.5 SW will even be easier to maintain round stars with so both unguided and guided times will improve and the effects of local LP has yet to be determined. I image with a Canon 1100D that is not modified. Grey
  3. I just noticed the photos of M27 and M57 were taken with a NexStar 5 , but on an AVX mount not the original alt/az mount. Sorry! Grey
  4. For exposures of under 30 seconds the NexStar 5,6,8 are fine. You'll be able to do a great deal of AP both Solar system and DSO. Without the need of autoguiding or longer than 30 second exposures just stacking program. These were all taken with the NexStar Alt/Az mount and a NexStar 5i and canon T3. It is not a bad pace to start, and you can get results that will encourage you to learn more and spend more. Grey
  5. Yes SN7 Pro is much improved over the not ready for prime time version of this Spring. If you can get it at a discount and don't mind it still lacks a logging feature and waiting for images to be streamed while zooming in you might find it worthwhile. If you already have SN Prp v6.4.3 the redesigned interface may be a disapointment. I don't use it for outreach or classroom presentations so much of the improvments are completely unneeded by me and during the last 6 months I found myself choosing v6.4.3 over the v7 and still use v6.4.3 when in the observatory. They have decreased the crash issues and graphics are getting better as more images are now stored on my hard drive but the last six months have been disappointing for me. Grey
  6. 90mm F11 refractor, AVX mount, 1/1000 sec, ISO400, 1100D Canon, 19:14 UT 9/12/14 Lewiston, Maine USA Hoping for the Northern lights display this evening. Grey
  7. Very nice! I have done very little solar imaging and find that I have not been able to get the fine focus to my liking. This is an example from 09/10/2014 aprox. 21:00 UT. Grey
  8. Nice attempt on M013! I have captured M013 many time and find that it is hard to capture the structure in the center of the cluster ( like your first image) and the shear numbers of stars in the cluster in same image. I guess the propeller structure in the center is hard to maintain and is the grail I seek when working on M013. Thanks for sharing. Grey
  9. It's real hard for me to focus on the full Moon. The low contrast makes teasing the fine details out of the glare. Your image is really quite good considering the Moon's illumination. What capture program are you using? I use BYEOS and find it helps me greatly in framing and focusing shots like this. Thanks for sharing your work. Grey
  10. The NexStar 5i is a F10 1250mm FL SCT the SSAG can be used up to 1500mm FL. I also have a 90mm F11 refractor that I hope to try with the SSAG soon. Most of the issues I've had so far were self induced, or related to my not being " computer little bit" . Now if I can just start developing some skills in processing. The connectios are usb camera to computer and "phone" style camera to mount. I control with PHD2 . Since I have 2 scopes I wanted to image with, I wanted an easily transferable auto guiding system. It works well the the AVX mount and BYEOS capture program. I hope to be changing to Nebulosity 3 for capturing and preprocessing. Grey
  11. halli I just started auto guiding and choose an Orion SSAG and 50mm finder. With very limited time using it I have been able to go to 300 sec. exposures on my NexStar 5i ( now on an AVX mount) big change from the 30sec limit imposed by the orginal alt/az mount the scope come on. I use BYEOS and PHD2 but hope to switch to Nebulosity soon. Here is an example fron last night M57 8x180sec ISO 1600 stacked in DSS porcessed with Element 11. Grey
  12. CJ I think that writing the NexStart series off as not usable for AP is a hthe mount being an alt/az does introduce some limitations but it is a capible platform to learn the basics of AP . The photos I'm attaching were taken with a NexStar 5i on the single arm alt/az goto mount. On DSOs you are limited to 30sec exposures on planetary a string of 700+ AVI frames can capture much detail. If you have the NexStar setup than a DSLR or web cam will take you a long way Grey
  13. Can you give more information about your imaging equipment. Type of camera, mount, are you using an auto guiding set up ? More info would be required to give a useful answer. Grey
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